Winter is here part 2.

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Hello all my Steemit Friends, yes I said it is winter in the South Coast but it is such a beautiful day today.

I walked outside this morning in my garden and saw the beautiful Birds and all the interesting little things like a spider that made a long string with two little small leaves hanging on the fine spider line looks like he is fishing. It is so amazing.

This little slug was a surprise when I saw this I took a photo and sent it to 50/50 that is a company that is on the TV and always discuss different insects and animals etc. It was really looking like a man's face.

Now we also have a few very tiny ones in the bathroom they come in under the wall and I took a video of the one while he is eating it looks like his sticking a very thin like a needle out and eat from left to right and then he pull it back and without turning around it comes out of his back side it look like he can use it on any side, his mouth or neck it is I wish I could share that video with you then you would be able to see what I am talking about.
I will see if I can get a photo of the Spider that is fishing for his food and put it on next.
Have a great weekend all.
Until we talk again.
Oh before I go I was also sad yesterday I found a dead Monkey in my back Yard shame I did get the SPCA to collect the corpse now I am waiting to find out how did he or she died.
The other Monkeys are all back today and happy and playing in the back yard, and drive me nuts when they rant and rave on the roof, but shame the are just so very hungry.


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