Father's Day❤ Post dedicated to my dad + illustration ✒

in slothicorn •  7 months ago

¡HI GUYS! 👽✌

This illustration was inspired by my dad

I had thought to upload this post yesterday would have been the right thing, because of problems with electricity I could not 😐 I was 2 days without electricity, But it is never late.

For you and come here I am grateful and I will be all my life, I am fortunate to have such a wonderful being by my side, since you were a child you protected me and taught me to be a better person and did an excellent job I know that we are not currently together and today it was not possible to go home, we see little but I always keep them in mind and I strive to make them proud of me.

memories of childhood with you😂❤

One of the ones I remember the most was that when we went out and came home very late, I always went to sleep in the car so that you would carry me in your arms so that I would not have to walk hahaha but I am sure that you realized you were still awake.
This I think is the most fun, when it was raining, I was scared or I was sick I used to run and sleep with you in the middle of the night hahahaha and the funny thing was that it always made me urinate on you.
Or when mom did not want to give me more bottles because she was ten years old and she gave them to everyone and they forced me to put them in a cup, but one day you came with a new bottle hahahaha that day I was very happy.
😜My first day of school you took me and obviously I did not want to stay and form tremendous drama hahahaha I kept crying you left and I cried harder it was very ugly I was so scared, but you came back and told me that everything would be fine, if I calmed down I expected in house a gift, and that's how you bought me a Bugs Bunny puzzle. .
After having a long and strong conversation you told me You are my son and I love you as you are I always remember that.

I have thousands more memories, but what I want you to know, is how important you are to my dad I love you.💜




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