Yoruba T'Challa; Inspired by the Black Panther movie

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Hello, I'm Promise. I'm a 22 year old Nigerian hyperrealism artist. I mostly work with graphite and charcoal pencils on paper. I just joined steemit but I've been doing art for a while.

The story behind the drawing
The Black Panther movie hit the world hard, it went so viral and a very pride filled experience for us Africans. Marvel studios had finally made something for the blacks, something we could relate to more and I rushed to see the movie too in the first week of it's release. The movie perfectly captures a modern African setting like I find myself in today. A lot of people started promoting their trade with the movie, artists included, so I felt the need to do something too so I made this quick sketch.

But it wasn't enough..
The movie started becoming a household name, Black Panther every where, so I wasn't satisfied, I wanted to do something I could relate to more as a Yoruba indigene (my Nigerian tribe). So after days of brainstorming it came to me, let me dress T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) up as a member of my tribe, a Yoruba man. I started looking for reference photos, I got this slightly younger picture of him and used several other reference photos, some of which I picked along the way as new ideas and perspectives kept coming to me. Here are some progress shots I took while doing the drawing:

The Yoruba cap

progress shot 2

progress shot 3

progress shot 4

progress shot 5 (wakanda signature)

progress shot 6 (Yoruba Agbada (big cloth) and beads)

The final shot (I decided to symbolize the wakanda throne to not totally take the wakanda out of it)

and I took a shot with the work

Title: Yoruba T'challa
Model: Chadwick Boseman
Size: 25x35 inches
Medium: graphite, charcoal and colored pencils
Duration: 50+ hours

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I really like your art! You are a real promise! Keep going friend, draw every day, in this job the practice is very important! I paint hyperrealistic animals in oil and acrylic. Congratulations!!!!

Thanks for your kind motivating words friend, I've check out your paintings too and they are so beautiful, do follow back to see more of my art.

thanks a lot for your kind words friend, i checked your paintings and they are really beautiful too..

Nice drawing bro. Keep it up

You have not only talent but also drawing skills! You drew a good portrait. In addition, it is very interesting to look at the process of creating your masterpiece + description. You sent a description, gave the opportunity to understand what inspired you to this art.

Thank you very much for understanding me

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Wow. Beautiful work and great talent. I found you via @artzone 's post. I'm glad I did.

Thank you very much, nice to meet you too, kindly follow back to see more

incredible your painting is really like the original, it seems if we look not painting, fantastic your job

Thanks a lot, kindly follow me to see more

nice work @promisarts and great job showing your progress as you draw this piece. welcome to steemit, I love meeting other artists here so am glad you found my post and commented there!

Thank you, it's nice to meet a fellow artist on here, do follow me to see more of my art.

yes I have pressed follow and if you notice Curie did upvote your recent post!! This is a GREAT honor as their standards are very high. Keep up the great posts.

Alright, thanks a lot. I'll do that for sure.

muy buen arte te felicito amigo, me gustaría que te pasaras por mi blogs y me dieras tu opinión de mis obras de dibujo. Eres muy bueno.

gracias amigo

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thanks slothicorn