My newest cryptoartwork: Lanas Sun

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This one was a spur of the moment piece I thought up while looking at the different cryptocurrency logo's in Junik Studios collection

Here's the link to the collectible on superrare

It's pretty simple in terms of idea : I saw the Lanacoin logo and decided to try and do something around it.

I also discovered that the Lanacoin logo comes from a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2016 by Lana's father as a tribute to his 10 year old daugther (people do the strangest things... but then again we're human, so I guess "strange" is pretty much normal for us ;) ).

Pretty strange reason to create a cryptocurrency, especially since no one seems to have believed him at the time but hey, if it was just a story to get people interested and it worked, good for him.
He created a good logo at least !


1. Generating some Generative Art with Weavesilk

I hit pretty fast on the piece I liked, using a combination of 1-point symmetry and 4 point symmetry, as well as a liberal use of the mirroring function:


2. Experimenting with GIMP

I decided, before trying to integrate the LanaCoin logo, to check if there was any interesting effects I could apply.

I created two versions of the artwork. one without the Lanacoin logo but with the Cubism effect applied:


And one with just the Lanacoin logo integrated as a superposed layer:


3. Deep Style experiments on DeepDreamGenerator

First, I experimented with the Cubism version :

I didn't quite like the results, so I switched to the other version:

The second image immediately clicked with me :

So I reran it with the HD option:

Then went into GIMP again to apply the Canvas effect:


And that's how I created my newest crypto-collectible artwork !

I hope you found my creation-process interesting :)

Now go use some of that Ether ;)

All image rights belong to their respective owners, in this case the Lanacoin logo comes from the free Cryptocurrency logo collection made by Junik Studios

I release all my images under CC-BY 4.0:


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