DARK side of Blockchain Art

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here are some weird dark pieces im working on
what do these make you feel? what do these say about blockchain adoption?


these pieces of letters in the skull are from a book i found on the street called "genius" all objects are found objects around town and recycled pieces


this is my 2nd rare Pepe, the first one has not been officially released yet, i guess this one has not either, but they are up for auction :) whoever gets this sold is welcome to take 10% i am looking to collab with others who might enjoy placing pieces up for auction

  • some rare pepes have gone for 108 eth.. i heard about 65 hundred fiat!? could that be right.. so far i have sold pieces for a good amount all word of mouth, i envision a collective of artists that support each other in many ways, were we can be each others agents and advocates, where if you place a piece for me in auction and take 10% or 20 or whatever based on the numbers, and then we collab on a mural and we both up our rep and our wallets




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I am digging this, the details are quite finite.
Without darkness there is no light.


thank you thank you, yes indeed, i see all blockchain art is happy and colorful and i love that, but there are some dark asjustments in this period of transition. i feel like sad or dark art is not as marketable but definitely can add a lot of value as collectible items to track histor visually.


I know some people who only like things dark and gory. There is an audience for just about everything these days.

I saw the rare pepe one on twitter.
I feel like many people, like myself, have a negative impression of pepe due to its co-opting by gross ideologies (eg groups that are labeled "alt-right" by msm, which makes me associate them with white supremacists, etc.) - even though I'm aware of how it started out ("feels good, man").
So, in that piece I see something that started out fine and was beat up by its captors and anyone with a stake in creating fear and separation (the MSM).
It's embracing a new technology who appears to be relaxed and enjoying it. Who is perhaps unaware of the negative undertones of the thing that is embracing it?
But that's the thing with decentralized anonymous things (ie blockchain tech), it takes all kinds, the good with the bad. Just how humans are capable of the most evil and the most good and everything in between. Free will allows us to choose how we act. So there is always the choice as to how these new technologies are implemented and used, and perhaps it's time for people in general to understand this principle (because I don't think many people do).


thank you for this reflection, like you, i also feel strange abut rare pepe, i actually repelled it a lot and did not understand or like it, it made me angry, so much so that i had to have a full conversation with meme conscious louis from archetype about it and after speaking with him i got a lot more clarity on this whole thing,crypto kitties etc, the last video posted we tap on this a bit. but ya thats the thing about free speech and free code right, and we need all aspects of it to reflect everyones emotions and where these are going, thats why visual art or creative expression is so transparent sometimes even more so that the technology itself. i mean i paint intuitively i had no idea what i was paiting when this rare pepe came out, i think im painting whatever needs to be said about that movement if that makes sense, its not always my own reflection but rather a collective message that must come out, as many of us chanell i think for each other no? much love sister! thank you

I love these! Darkness is part of everything! Nice work.


"and she only knew her greatness once a tiny spark ignited projected her shadow reflected upon the wall so grand" :) :) :) gracias senńorita

Thx for that quite informative post. Keep up with creating interesting content.
I know it's hard at the beginning to build solid follower base. But just don't give up. Steemits needs solid content builders.

Already followed and upvoted :) Cheers,


thank you that sounds good to me! and absolutely, so good to read solid content, feels good to be able to provide the same :) thank you brother!



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okay first of all, your username ( emoji of two golden hands fingers pointing up with awe like yeah ) i have to post my psilocyborg that i drew to show you, and second thank yu! and followed, exctied to connect more

Fascinating work! Yeah, dark side is def for real in blockchain, as it exists anywhere that humans inhabit. Thanks for your contribution! Upvoted and resteemed!


:) wiii thnak you, i still feel a bit weird when i post dark art because so many times i have heard "we want art to be hopeful aboutt his movement" yet the contrast is also important for me and as art as time capsule and complete immutable transparency, i want to see it all! i will be auctioning this piece on bitify soon! never auctioned a piece before online and if there is any advice for this id love love love to hear it! i plan on auctioning it hopefully for a lot so i can take some of those coins and support other artists projects i believe in too. one of the main reasons i want to thrive beyond just succeeding is so i can invest in others how some invest in me, seeing you do this for this community makes my heart sing too. ahhh this abundant gift economy!! heart centered

This is so stunning! There's so much happening here, it took me some time to find the pepe. I especially love that you used mixed media and recycled stuff that would've otherwise gone to waste. Great aesthetic and super inspiring work. Well done, and thanks for sharing.


thank you!! <3 ahhh i had a call with @cryptograffiti a few days ago about just this, how good it feels to use recycled trash from banks and computers to turn into art, im so glad you get it and that it reaches people. it paints me to see cybertrash in landfields, they make such great art supplies! followed you and also love your username <3 turtules are so important in a world were we are taught that sucess is a million miles a minute, every time i see a turtle it reminds me to slow down and enjoy community buuilding and sucesss long term <3 thank you for you