"Rip X"(draw and process)

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Hello "Lunáticos",

welcome to another drawing post.

Today I will show you how I draw a picture about "XXXTENTATION".

This drawing is done with:

  • A number 2 pencil
  • pencil sharpener
  • an eraser
  • a diffuser.

with the pencil I make the base lines, adding more light or darkness depends on the area where you draw, I use the diffuser for the lighter areas and the rubber for the light details.

Well is time for the drawing process.
I will show you how a drawing evolves from its most basic form.

Love ina cup! (2).jpg

Now with our sketch ready, we can start drawing.

Love ina cup! (3).jpg

When I reached this point in my mind I thought it was almost over, but some friends made me notice that he did not look so much like the singer, that he looked very feminine, so I had to do it again.

Love ina cup! (4).jpg

After this, I was able to finish the drawing without major problems.

Love ina cup! (5).jpg

Well friends that would be all for today's post, remember that if you liked the post, leave me your up-vote, comment and follow me for more posts and drawings.

Rare music recommendation:



I almost forgot these 2 photos.

All photos, gifs and drawings are made by my authorship.

Until the next post!.


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Me gusta, me gusta. El dibujo quedó muy bien, aunque no me agradaba ese cantante jaja. El formato está interesante, me gusta.

thanks a lot dude :p, saluditos!

Great work, love all the effort you put in showing the progress of the drawing! Very well done

owww, thanks <3, u draw too?

Yes I do, but haven't done it for weeks now .. don't have the time at the moment lol. But when I do I usually are hooked for a while again haha..

well when u post a new draw, let me know :D, i want to see your draws!.

Lol, I am really way too busy to remember.. best if you check in some days.. or next week ;) Because I will forget that..

oww damm, well ok, saludos desde Venezuela :D!