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I just discovered @slothicorn through @stellebelle, thought I would give it a try, as I am trying to find my new tribe. With all the ever changing and evolving of the internet, I seem to be lost in the sea, floating about, being tossed to and fro trying to find a way to make a living as an artist. I am not big on writing words, so I create art I have experienced some very traumatic incidents and don't really feel like writing words, I just need and want to put my words of expression on paper, canvas, ipad, iphone, computer desktop. I focus on digital, outsider, mixed media collage art, using many layers of backgrounds, textures, using mostly Antique Victorian daguerreotype's, tin types, cabinet cards, french postcards that I have collected over the years as my models and portrait studies. I have been published in many art books throughout the years and my art has been purchased by collectors all across the world. I do have alot to say, but I hide it within my art.




                   Copyright @izabellablue - All Rights Reserved 

          Consider helping me through my art journey by donating any amount~
                           It would be greatly appreciated!

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I am sooooooo inspired by your work and you're doing exactly the cool thing of including your crypto wallet QR code! I love your style, and I shared this post on Twitter, and I'm resteeming it now! So glad you arrived! Your tribe is here!


Wow girl!!! I am so sorry I missed your message I was down with the flu for a few days :(
Thank you so much for the encouraging note!!! You are one of the first artists, that I found on here a long while back and you have been a source of inspiration for me!! Thank you thank you for being available and encouraging other artists, you are a shining star!!! Where are you on Twitter so I can find you. xo!!

Nice Post, I will upvote you!
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thank you so much!!

Beautiful pictures! please follow me back and vote my post also. Thanks :)

Extraordinary art. I like the mood and of course the way you created everything skillful and professionally .


OH my! Thank you for such a lovely comment, I really appreciate it very much!

very nice to see your work. I was carried away with imagination far beyond myself, @izabellablue


Wow thank you so much! Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely comment!
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Hello!!! 👋🏻 Can’t wait to see more 😍


Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the comment!!!

Incredible work, you're very talented =)


Wow thanks so much!!! Thank you for commenting :)
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