An Illustration Process: "The Tattooist"

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Hello, great children of Steemit! Today, I'm going to share another process of illustration EXCLUSIVELY HERE on Steemit! All original for this platform.

Piece title:



Art here, Art there, Art everywhere! It never ends, and it won't. Art is limitless, without any bounderies, creation is unlimited and always will be.

All artist's have their own thing, their own style, their own preference on where to put art. I'm an artist. Perhaps I would consider myself that, partly frustrated, but never hopeless. I intend to increase my knowledge and sharpen my skills through exploring many types of art. With that, I am also a tattooist, injecting markings on people's skin and as for them, they have been insisting on wearing my art for life.

Today Imma be showing you an illustration, not a tattoo. This is meant to be a tribute for all tattoo fans and tattoo enthusiast.

Here's the process

Started out with a sketch of what I was going to draw and what would I want it to be.


Penciled out, now we ink it up


Soft shading on the details



Now we go with the colors

Used Maped Color Pencils on this one


Finally, finishing it by reshading of the face and neck.


With all that done. We now put it into sharing.



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

That'll be all for now! Thanks for checking out my work! Hope you would check more of my artworks in the future.

Have nice day guys!


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Woo! this is on🔥🔥🔥 you're so talented man! Your works are awesome!

Thankss broo! Haha. By the way, congratulations on your win on cookies contest! You definitely kicked ass! Haha

Yeah, I got lucky. Thanks bro! 😂😂😂

Yeah, I got lucky. Thanks bro! 😂😂😂

You well deserve it brother! Haha

Wow, that's cool, I love it!

Thank you so muchh 🤗

My pleasure!

Wow, that's cool, I love it!

I love every single detail of her! 😍😍😍

Thank you! Hope I fed yoir eyes well. 😂

You're feeding my eyes perfectly! They're gonna end up very chubby if you keep posting your awesome art! Haha! 😀 keep 'em coming!

Haha. Thankyou! I will.

Wow. This is a beauty! Attn: @creative-commons.

Wow! I'm amazing

Thank you so muchhh

Wow, this is utterly beautiful and amazing! Love what you’re doing with you art and blog! Upvoted and followed. I’ve started a group for multidisciplinary artists on steemit. It’s new and in it’s “baby phase” but I’d love to have you in from the ground up if you’re interested. You can find out more in our Discord room if you’re interested @TheNewAlchemists:

Thank you for appreciating my work. I will take a look at the link. Thankss

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Thank you dear @slothicorn

This is so pretty!

Thank you so muchhh @juliakponsford