An Illustration Process: "Polynesian Libra"

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What's up mighty people of Steem it! Here's your boy @ianceaz, and I'll be showing you again another process of illustration:

"Polynesian Libra"


This was meant to be a design requested by my boss cause he wanted me to be the one who'd be designing for his tattoo. Sadly, I wasn't the one who tattooed it on him. Well, it was am honor for me after all. Because visually, he trusts my skills and also told me that he wanted to have a tattoo which is made by me. As if he was carrying my name on it.

He wanted me to mix his zodiace sign, which is libra to be blended with a polynesian design. So, I had to think it out and finally came up with a sketch.

Here's the sketch!


Then continued with the polynesian theme on it's back. Finalized it, finally outlined the figure.


And then, the colors. . .



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Eventually, my dear boss had it tattooed it on his left calf and credited me on the design.

Here was the tattoo he had.


That'll be all for now! Thanks again for checking out my post! Thank you and have a good day Steemians!

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