Pixelbruary 17 & 18! and some sprites again!

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Hi guys! how are u? I am fine, alwaaaays fine :D! well for today we have the numbers 17 and 18 of pixelbruary! the challenge I made for be better. So! we have a Room and a Sacred object! the rest in this post are sprites for practice like always I say "the practice is all in this life!" I left as always the big and small version and the colors of palet this time I just wanted to go to the start, I dont know how to say this but sometimes it's good to go to the basic things, it's good to remember the little things where we started.





ms2.png mr2.png

All are from my imagination!

I also want to say if you want a character or if you have an idea for a pixelart, you can leave your idea in the comments and I can try to do it, you know just for practice ;) have a nice day!

Oh, before I forget, I am learning english so please if a I have something wrong just tell me in the comments ;) with love RUNA <3 runa.png

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


interesting article :)

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thanks ;) your comment is important! >:o

wow! trabajas con mucha disciplina, vas a ser una master super pro muy pronto!

jajaaj bueno eso intento! xD eso espero me gustaria diseñar para algo, quizas un juego algun dia! pero poco a poco, probablemente cuando termine esto del reto que me hice xD comience con gif de pixeles!

siii! animados serían geniales!

Your pixels are always a 10/10 !!!

aww thanks slothi <33 and you are amazing