Pixelbruary 12#

in #slothicorn2 years ago

I wanted to try something different because i think we have to get ou of our zone confort if we want to be better so the next on the list is about a tavern and this is my tavern xD It's really hard to try to do something with perspective in pixel art, I have to practice that! and practice a lot!



I also want to say if you want a character or if you have an idea for a pixelart, you can leave your idea in the
comments and I can try to do it, you know just for practice ;) have a nice day!

All are from my imagination!

Oh, before I forget, I am learning english so please if a I have something wrong just tell me in the comments ;) with love RUNA <3 runa.png


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License!


That's pretty amazing! Loving the looks of the small version and big one! Yup!

thank you very much! I'm working on your contest xd this the last day because tomorrow is the deadline! and i have a surprise for u! for all your support :)

Wow, I'm so glad i stumbled on your channel.
Your pixel art is great! ♡

awww thank very much :3 and thanks for your comment :3 I appreciate that kind of words

Great pixel-work :) I am enjoying more and more to explore the variety of creations available under #slothicorn. Thanks for your sharing!

It's a pleasure to share my pixel art with all of you ;)