Hands and coins (Crypto Art)

in slothicorn •  last year


Lately it is common to hear anywhere about cryptocurrencies, the price of bitcoin, it is a bubble they all warn with a certain attitude of a great connoisseur of the world of finance. I think many do not have the slightest idea but it is what is being talked about and nobody wants to be left out of the conversation. I confess that I do not know anything about it, until recently I did not know that this social network existed. There is still a lot to learn about the subject and I have done this illustration with 3 of the coins that are at the top of the popularity, and who will not want to get their hands on some of them, we must be attentive, to this tangled world of cryptocurrencies and finance.

This is an adapted version of an old job and here I leave the process


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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I really love this work! the style and composition is just incredible! Kudos!


Thank you, Your work is amazing too!

I have resteemed you to my 12,000+ followers. Nice work!

Thank you for your submission, it has been approved. Also you will receive 2 SBD for the use of this art in our latest post which you can see here: https://steemit.com/slothicorn/@slothicorn/what-is-slothicorn-looking-for-new-guidelines-for-newbies-monster-post


Oh! Thank you, I really appreciate your support

Thisnis my favorite bitcoin art to date! Love it!

wow this is quite amazing, thank your for your submission!


Woohooo Thank you, very thankful!

wooo this is amazing
I liked it in all stages


Thank you!

It's great!


Thank you!

This came out really nice! Kind of gives me Italian playing card kind of vibes

This is really great @erdavid. I saw this artwork in one of @slothicorn's post and it immediately catched my eye. You are very talented and that gif is amazing! Sigue compartiendo tu arte, está genial!


Thank you @creativista. Si voy a seguir compartiendo todo el trabajo que pueda

I really love the patterns. I tcan be even used as a wall paper.

Though I would not mind havinga poster like this :).


Thank you, yes this art can be a pattern :-D if you want a Poster here is available https://www.redbubble.com/es/people/erdavid/works/30607749-manos-y-monedas?asc=u&p=poster&rel=carousel