ONO's Caretaker. Ke xu!

in #slothicorn5 years ago (edited)

Haha! She is so so gorgeous.
I love her pictures to bits! She looks like a very focused, intelligent and sweet person!
So I had to draw her with her gorgeous creation.
This drawing, I had sketched from a while ago... but decided to finish it at night before going to sleep.

I hope you like it. <3

Program used: Clip Studio Paint.
Time taken: lost time in this one heeee
Licence: i dont even know anymore.

Art done by @drawingly

If you want a chibi like this one, please contact me via:
Twitter: @DrawinglyW
Discord: Drawingly#0896
Steemit: @drawingly


Thanks @drawingly for this cutie masterpiece :)

Hy drawingly, i think, your should put the link for license. To be indexed by CC.

edited. I dont even know anymore about licensing and CC. So I'll delete that from future posts. Haha.

Why. If you put the license. People can download and use your artwork. That is amazing.

i am afraid... I had a person tell me they would grab my art and print it on shirts to sell it. And, I am in a very very desperate situation atm and I cannot handle seeing my art being sold... I don't get anything in return but "exposure" I can't eat with that. :/ I wish I had a good artistic career to not worry about this. <3 I really do!

Oh haha. Ok.

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