Gotta see! - How to earn back my 1,000usd?

in #slothicorn6 years ago

What can I possibly do?
I need to get it back for me to pay for my bills. I barely earn enough to pay for my daughter's needs, and then this happens.

God damnit.

Is there any, ANY possible way? ...

Anyway.. have a cute snake.



You and specially your husband MUST check ... It is paying around $100 per graphics post. Send me a message if you want more help on that or join their discord server. You could have to pay all if you had started contributing since the first time I told you.

And there is a special place in hell for dirty scammers like that guy :@

Always pray and work hard hopefully you can pay your bills ..
By the way it's a very cute snake 😄

Lovely art. I hope you get an increment in your finances soon enough

Hey that sucks, im so angry to this Mother****. Maybe u make a Stream were u Take Requests for Drawing there is that new Feature on dlive were u can make a request to streamer i think u will get enough Support to get the most of it back <3 i would Support , Donate and resteem for sure. Hope u find a way....and sorry for my bad english :(

@drawingly What's the license of your art

Some of my art is not available for use. But some of them have the Creative Commons sticker on it. That means its free to use. <3 I forgot to put this one on Copyright. Since it belongs to a girl. <3

Yeah I like this snake.
BTW its always copyrighted unless you express otherwise.

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