For the small price of 10 steems you get... "HELP!"

in slothicorn •  10 months ago

I am saving up because I'm currently extremely sick from my kidneys... I got this renal deficiency that I discovered today actually.

Gotta go fast when saving up!
So, for the price of 10 steems you get... A picture like this of you!
I can send you the full version in HD if needed!

I need the amount of aproximately 1000 steems.
Perhaps even more but... Im starting somewhere.
If the price is too high for you, please tell me and perhaps we can work something out.

Or I can do something like this for 5sbds
A bit less detail.. but still you!!



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I am waiting for a post payout tomorrow I believe, and I will transfer 10 SBD to you then. I am sure you will end up with everything you need to make sure you stay in great health. You have friends in high places:)


Awh! Thankyou very much for the support. <3 Please do tell me what I can draw for you!! Thankyou for your wishes. <3


Thanks for showing your support. I wish i can help also.

Upvoted & Resteemed to help spread the word @drawingly. Your digital artwork is beautyfull and that is a great offer imho.

With your permission I would like to offer prayers, love, and energy support for your healing & greatest good in the form of Reiki from all of us here in @thereikiforest family. We will also be sending a small donation to help as well and hope to purchase a picture from you in the near future <333

Bright Blessings BeautyFull Soul ~ Thank you for BEING YOU!


Thankyou very much @karmashine your words are super kind and very motivating! <3 Thankyou again from my heart! Much love <3

Hi @drawingly. I sent you 10 SBD today. Good luck!!


Thankyou @elohprojects !!! Anything you need me to draw? <3


Yes I would love for you to create a piece for my daughter. If I send you 10 more SBD would you be able to make one for my son also??

I will send my 10 sbd but , no pressure I am sure you are so booked, so you can do mine last, but I want to make sure I commissioned one avatar now before the price will sky rocket, along with the recognition for you as an artist


Of course! No problem! <3

Hey! I resteemed you, I love that although you are sick, you still sound so upbeat! I hope you feel better soon, and meet your goals!


Thankyou! I've always been an upbeat girl... I try my best! <3 Thankyou for your wishes!

aww tu arte es muy bonito ;) sigue ais! espero que llegues a la meta que deseas!


Gracias Gaby!! <3

hope you get well soon and can collect stem for your medical expenses @drawingly ...


Hopefully!! <3 Thankyou for your wishes <3

No tengo esa cantida pero recibe mi upvote, espero consigas el monto lo mas pronto que puedas


Gracias <3 Se agradece de todo corazón. <3

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Good post! So Beautiful girl!

I coundn't able to give you 10 SBD since I don't have much but at least that I can upvote an resteem your post though. That's the least that I can do for you. Take care!

I'd like to purchase one of these for you to cartoonize my son. Is that doable? Shoot me a message in Discord and I can get you a picture. I think this would be amazing!

Headed to bed now, but will get back to you with picture and payment in the morning!

Upvoted, although my upvote is shit. Hehehe.
I would like a drawing, i dont know what details you need,so do ask. Draw whatever you feel is worth 5sbd, all i can spend. Wish you all the best.


I can work for 5sbd <3 Just show me a picture you want me to cartoonify <3 Thankyou somuch! ;__;


How do i send it to you? Discord?


Yup! Or telegram!! Send me your discord and ill add you <3


My discord is the same as my steem name

You need 10K? Wow, that's a lot of money. I hope you're able to find it.

I could afford $5, since I will be needing a lot of the SBD I'm earning. Would you need to see several picture of me? It would be fun to include my slinky with my green and violet hair, or something like that. Something I'd be able to use in my things and on my website. Let me know what you can do for $5 and we'll go from there.

By the way, I gave you a Follow. Your artwork is cute and I'm all into cuteness ;)


So, I did a thing :)

I can do another one when I'll have the digital portrait of me and show it off to entice people from Wordpress to come donate to you. Is there a way people can donate in fiat too?


Of course I can work for 5steems.
The amount of money unfortunately is way more :c .. Medical health expenses here are the worst...
And of course, just send me your picture and we can work on it. <3


Cool. I'll select some pictures and post them when I send you the SBD :)


All right, so I'm thinking something that's a combination of a few pictures. The smile from my updated pictures, which shows the length of my hair how long it is now from this post:

Combined with the colours and makeup from this post:

And if possible, maybe have me holding the slinky, or a slinky appearing somewhere (which is also in the second post).

let me know if that's fine or too complicated :) Thank you so much!


I sent you 5 more, I hope you received them well :) I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Hope you feel better too.

Resteeming for exposure. I hope you get everything you need. And that it becomes easier for you.



Thankyou very much! <3 I hope I can get my goal too!

Hey, I will order one of these for my daughter. I will send you her photo in Telegram. Thanks!


Thankyou Stella <3

Pues mucha suerte, espero los consigas, esos y muchos más!!! ;-)


Muchas gracias de verdad! <3

You are healed in jesus name,God bless you

How do I get my picture to you? I have upvoted and resteemed to try and get you support.


You can post it here! Or send it to me via e-mail:

<3 Thankyou @hope777!!

wish you healthy, and i adore your drawing :)

Get well soon and hope you will able to reach your desired amount.

very nice post

Looks like you really need some support! Good thing your friendly neighborhood Spiderblogger happened to swing by :)

I'm putting you on my voting bot, which will add about $0.80 to all of you're posts! Hope this helps!


Thankyou so much friendly neighbor! <3 I love spiderman omg. Thankyou for your support <3

@drawingly please contact me on MSP's discord. My username is @eturnerx I'd like to discuss commissioning a series of your cartoonified fugures.


Hello! May I have your full discord? I need a number too!
Mine is: Drawingly#08963
Ill gladly work with you!

@drawingly, I would like to do this. I just powered up tho. Need to save up then I'll send the monies!


Sure! Thankyou so much @pual! <3
You're so sweet!

Look into the steemgigs tag for this offer. I have bought some things there and I know others have too. Best of luck with your health issues.

Wonderful sense of entrepreneurship while you already have a lot of things to do and think about! Let's try to find ways to help you further! All the best, Jean

I havent evem found a way to raise 1 steem 😭😭😭😭

Love this gave you 100% upvote, will let you know if I need graphic work done for my clothing company :)


Thankyou very much for your support <3
Im always here if you need!

ufff I am so sorry to hear that, I hope your problem will be solved with the money, because that should be the easiest task, as I told you , I want one avatar like this and one slothy avatar :D that will be 25 SBD (and mine should be last to be done after you feel better and took care of your health) I have donated to @inyoursteem that is raising funds for your problem too and will send you extra 20 , hope this will be a start and more people will join to help

I’ve also had kidney problems in the past so I have a good idea of what you’re going through. I’m new to Steemit so not in a position to donate, but I wish you all the best and truly hope you get the treatment you need.

Are you still doing these drawings? If so, I would like something like the one on top, or maybe a chibi... IF feel up to it. My hair is blonde, and currently short; I guess I'd need to send you a pic for a reference. I actually meant to comment on this post a week or two ago, but kept getting sidetracked.

My father had a genetic disorder that left him blind, anemic, and with several other problems. Among those problems, though, was descreased kidney function which could have led to renal failure at any time (which happened to his twin brother). The kidneys affect so many other of the body's systems, so I know a little about what you might be battling. My heart goes out to you. I want to give you 10 SBD, but do not want you to feel overwhelmed with pending artwork, so whenever you feel up to it will be fine.


I can do it! <3 Anything is good! Don't worry darling!


I meant to contact you on Discord already, but I am behind with things... ack!
I will DM you a pic now and then send the Steem to your wallet! 😊