Pearl Set, 2d portrait (ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY @ARELYZ)

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Art: @arelyz

My loves ❦ My art works are made with a tablet, using an application called Adobe Illustrator which we can download for free in the Play store. My works are made between 9 or 10 layers which I will explain in 4 or 5 and likewise I will leave a GIF where you can see the full development my work

Today I make a digital portrait to my style, with lots of color and full and accessories, I hope you like my proposal.


the first step is to open the application and choose the size of the sheet you are going to work with, and I selected a 1200 x 800

Then I start working, emphasizing that doing it by layer is better and makes it easier to work in case of possible errors that can not be erased.

First of all I do is make a sketch that serves as a guide line, after that I start to use different colors, trying to emphasize strategic points of the face as the eyes and nose, to finally get a mix of colors in the initial sketch.

After that I mix the colors and smudge to get the skin that I desire in each of my illustrations, then I begin to work with other parts of the face as in this case the mouth, using the same technique.

In this part you can see that I make more details of the face of the girl, paint the eyebrows in a coffee tone, drawing hair for hair to give that naturalness in the eyebrows, also I started to paint the eyes using a light caramel color.

For the final part I make the hair using the same technique that I apply in the eyebrows, ie painting hair for hair and add final details that highlight my portrait as accessories or what I call jewelry.

What do you think of the drawing? I remind you that you can leave all your comments, sweethearts of Steemit.


Here I leave the most detailed process of the realization of my work:

Art: @arelyz

In order to integrate more in this wonderful platform and meet new sweethearts of Steemit I decided to choose a person to comment on this publication and give him 1 SBD or a steem, which will be revealed in the next publication. As we grow, we will increase the rewards, kisses and good luck.

❤❤Previous works❤❤

Remember that every step of my digital drawings are made by me, to share it daily with you sweethearts.

❤❤Thank you very much for your support ❤❤


Wow!! It's beautiful..

Glad you liked my work, kisses.

the colours simply pop out of the screen and i like the candy themed palette you worked with here :>

The color palette is pretty pink friend, kisses

Beautiful art you do @arelyz!! 🌹

Ohhhh thank you friend, I feel excited by to see my work, I'm still yours

Wow .. I really loved your work, very beautiful your illustrations. Just one question ... for the mix of colors you use the Gaussian Blur? I do illustrations too but I've never tried an illustrator, I think I'm going to cheer up hehehehe !!! My applause and congratulations for you, I hope to continue seeing and learning of such wonderful art.

Hello friend, if I use the blur of Gaussian. I follow you, and I hope my work can inspire you to experience more in this world of digital illustration, greetings and kisses

Excellent portrait. Especially her eyes.😍

Thank you friend, I'm glad you liked it. Really his eyes captivate

Amazing artworks! Well done

Thank you very much dear friend @blue-dragon

You are so goooood in what you do!

Wow so beautiful saw your work on artzone and i decided to come tell you that you doing great.

A'ww that nice, thanks for watching my work and I'm glad you liked it.

Amazing artwork! I love it. 👍

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Thank you Dear @artgirl

Excellent work, I loved the eyes of the girl.

Thank you and good that you liked my work.

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