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RE: [ES/EN] Demoniangel (Ilustración y proceso) / Demoniangel (Illustration and process)

in #slothicorn2 years ago

The level of skill you have demonstrated here is superb. I am interested in the in depth concept of your inspiration for this piece. Beyond testing hybridization, the character you created carries a unique emotional expression that I can't help but wonder what are they thinking when they looked at the camera? Is there a story you drew in inspiration for this piece?


First of all, thanks for taking the time to comment and for your nice words ❤. As for the meaning of the illustration, there is no such thing as a profound history, in fact, there is not even a story. Well, my only intention was to hybridize these two beings as part of an exercise, so that, as I explain at the beginning of this entry, I think it is a very precious cliché. Have a good evening!

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