The Waters Up Above: A DIgital Painting from a Traditional Work

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The Waters Up Above

This artwork is inspired by one of my dreams.

Let me tell you a short story of how I almost got drowned into an ocean full of sharks but then saved by the colorful jellyfishes.

These Jellyfishes do not sting on my skin but they do have a silky texture and so comfortable with. They gave me an oxygen bubble to resurface back up to the top. We played a little bit.

Suddenly, the biggest Jelly Fish starts to glow and every other jellyfish glowed too. The surroundings darken and they started flying above the waters, in the air. The air bubble I'm still in began to float too and then they carry me up to the highest until we reached the outer space. From there i could see the moon and other stars but no traces of the earth, no traces of the ocean either.


These are my favorite parts:

the waters up above 2.jpg

the waters up above 3.jpg

About the Artwork

How is it done?

It is a watercolor illustration I did a long time ago. I scanned it and manipulate the properties, I inverted the colors and I love the result. Later on I add some background like a silky wave to make it look like flowing.

Little did I know that it would appear in my dreams.

After that moment, I sketched the dream virtually and immediately worked on my pc to paint the world I witnessed.

the waters up above _.jpg

These were the first stages of this artwork:

First painted using watercolor on paper




I already printed out some copies of this for the fundraising at Creative Street before.


Loom at this tails !!! I love it so much like I love Matcha Green Teas !


Next in my upcoming blog:

The continuation of this dream

The Place wwhere I and Happiness Meet


toggle night mode to see the stars

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Thank you

Hi aalagenesis,

This post has been upvoted by the Curie community curation project and associated vote trail as exceptional content (human curated and reviewed). Have a great day :)

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Thank you so much Curie. It's another pleasure to be curied by you. :)

So cool, @aalagenesis :) Love the process and the journey of this artwork, and the colours are very amazing !!! <3


Thank you!

Wow!!! This is what they call talent. This your piece is exceptional even the one you used watercolor to paint is mindblowing


Thank you so much, the amount of comments and message i receive here is so overwhelming.


amazing and exceptional works attracts alot of people. Your work is really good especially if one takes time to read through.

This was in your dream for real? A non-stingying jellyfish, mush have felt really nice and comfortable. You must have some really magical and colorful dreams (was the color there too?)

I do love the water color painting, the glowing jellyfish is just cool and I love how, scanning it on your computer and putting in that extra work took it to a whole nother level!! I love it!!


Yes they are in my dreams. I really wish there are big and non-stingying fish. I believe that some jellysfish
do not sting like this one:

Yes they are colorful really colorful and glowing.

Thank you so much :D


These ones don't sting? They look different from the usual singing ones... And, they are not big enough. hahahah...

The glow is awesome!
My Pleasure!

Those are some magical and very colorful jellyfishes . Perhaps when you take the right paint ( i saw some at a big online warehouse beging with A :-) ) your jellyfishes could also glow at night :-)

And yes the little tails are very sweet! Fantastic art work @aalagenesis


Yes @avizor, these are from my dreams. I drew the jellyfish a long time a go and revisited it many times. May be that's why they also visited me in my dreams and started to play with me.

I really wanted to use those glow in the dark paints but i havent found one nearby. Thank you for the suggestions :)

When I have a dream, I can only remember a few scenes. Why is that?
Does it shows that I have a memory gap? Maybe.
Illustration or make some draws on my dreams would find me difficult to finish it. I could not even start lol!

You have a clear and beautiful imagination @aalagenesis indeed!
Its very obvious in your artwork.

I'd love to see your next and continuation post.

The Place wwhere I and Happiness Meet

I wish I could also be in that place.


I think that is common, because i and my friends and based from what I read on Psychology books, only a portion of dreams are retained in our memory and there's a lot more happening behind these scenes but we can't remember.

That was me before, i could not paint or draw my dreams so I started writing them and then draw a little bit of what i've scene.

Thank you so much for your appreciation on my post


You're very much welcome!
During old times as what I'd read from other books, dreams served as guides to people of old. They follow their dreams. It shows that they can remember fully their dreams. Nowadays its contrary. Only a little part we could remember and sometimes we couldn't or no dreams at all. And most of the time dreams aren't true and will never happen. I don't know with other people, but that's what some of my friends and relatives also had experienced.

I love your watercolor work, you put all colors so nicely, did you want for them to dry up, I know from doing watercolor it takes time and I am not patient sometimes, but if you do not wait then the colors look "dirty". The way how you put them in digital art made the colors bright and shining and this is how we imagine deep underwater when you switch the light in a depth.Thank you for sharing your tips,

Cheers, from Art-supporting blog @art-venture


Thank you so much for the nice comment :)
I always love water color since 2015. :)

And I have been using photoshop since last year.

Putting them together is a paradise for me <3

@aagenesis The painting of the jellyfish in watercolor is incredibly spectacular. What a great talent you have with a very creative imagination grabbing all the impiracion of the idea in your dream. How you drew the whole dream scenario with the jellyfish in the ocean is super fantastic. Then how you wear it and work on the pc is imprecionante the image you achieved. Congratulations on your great talent. Excellent work.


Thank you so much for your appreciation. It melts my heart whenever i see complements like yours. Have a nice a day

I am so so so glad that you got a Curie on this post- so well deserved. I love the piece - the colours and the feel of it are completely magical - but I especially love how you included the original watercolour in the post so that you can really see the work you've added digitally to create your final piece.

Amazing that this has developed from your dream - I saw in someone else's comment they asked whether you dream in such strong colours?

I'm really looking forward to your next post following the series to where it goes next. E x


Thank you so much. I really love to put colours that I saw on my dreams on this one. Maybe because it's really what i also feel, it's like i'm bursting in happiness and colors that moment


That must feel so wonderfully magical. I think that feeling comes across in your piece! Beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. E x

I love your colorful watercolor jelly fish. The color you matched it look shining and beautiful. To express your dream into art is amazing and impressed. So nice of you to print out your beautiful drawing for fundraising.

Keep up the good work and wait to see your next post.


Thank you so much :)

I will keep on posting because of people like you and them :) My heart is bursting in happiness now


I looking forward to your drawing.. keep me posted on how is your fundraising goes :) Hope you see your another colorful soon. Have a nice weekend!

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk


Thank you too Artzone :)

Such wonderful colors...I would love to be in that dream! Lovely art!


Thank you

howdy from Texas aalagenesis! I love this post. The artwork is stunning, the story of your dream is fascinating, the process which you give us is creative and the continuation of the dream in the bottom painting is remarkable!

Is this a very unusual painting to paint something you dreamed about or is this a normal event for you?


Hello ! Thank you so much for your appreciation.

I usually write some of my amazing dreams but this one is the first one I actually turn into illustration


howdy there aalagenesis! that's an unique username by the way. Well the it worked very well so I'd turn all my dreams into illustrations! lol.

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!


thank you :)

Hi! This is a beautiful embodiment of your visions and fantasies. I really liked the drawings on paper. These jellyfish are very bright and colorful. Good work! I felt in them a sense of smooth movement. You've conveyed their plasticity well. I wish You creative successes!


Thank you so much :)

Damn, this is way better than your previous curie upvoted art. The contrast of skill level'd up on this one and I dig your style man. Great choice of colors and it suits the impression of cosmic jelly. Showcasing the digital version was a plus indeed.

That must have been one crazy dream. Looking at the painting, I can just imagine how it went. It is so beautiful and colourful...definitely one of the best watercolour work I have seen. Kudos.

I inverted the colors and I love the result.

I too love the outcome. It became more colorful, lively and eventually looks magical. That was also a very good story that inspired the painting. Those pesters now become life savers. Where will you find a jellyfish like that which will save you from drowning instead of killing you with its sting? 😊

Very good job!

I really appreciate digital art but in this case the original, watercolor is way more better. i love how you used so many colors to make it more enjoyable. I can see that on a phone cover, a T-shirt or a tote bag :) Great job!


Thank you so much :) I will try to make one and tag you. I hope I can send you some :)

I have no artistic talent at all, but I am very interested to see how you inverted the colors. The whole thing gives a wonderful effect and I can understand why it comes to you in dreams.


Thank you so much :)

Those are pretty cool, I actually love the almost circuit like appearance on the jellyfish tentacles. That actually gives it a nice touch and a bit of an electronic eclectic feel. which is great for putting it into a digital medium.


Thank you so much :) I added it because I love electronics too !


lol, you must be almost as far behind on comments as I am.... Ok we are waiting on the robot jellyfish now.
I guess that would be like one of the sentinels from the Matrix movies... Well sort of, they are more like squid.

The jellyfish is really beautiful @aalagenesis. The colours, the gracefulness and floatiness of the tentacles are really nice. I like the circuit designs at some of its tentacles and it does look dreamy too. I've only seen real jellyfish at the aquariums and boy, they look so peaceful as though they are floating away in wonderland. I love both the watercolour version as well as the printed on black version. They would make such beautiful cards and bookmarks and postcards :)


Thank you so much. That's a great suggestion. I'll try to make a bookmark for this. I hope i can send you some <3


Yay! I think a bookmark would be really pretty. Black or white background would work very well with the jellyfish. Ooo I am imagining it in my head :)
Oo that would be really lovely!