Slogan Contest!

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Submit your slogan in the comments, vote on your favorites, earn Steem. In other words, let's crowdsource slogans. Feel free to start commenting now or read on for more details and helpful tips. Post one slogan per comment, as many comments as you want.


**VOTE FOR OTHER SLOGANS!!! Feel free to vote for yourselves first, but then look at the other slogans. People are commenting but not voting. For this to work well we need to see what slogans resonate with people and to get that you need to vote for the ones you like, even if they're not your own.

There is a similar post here where @steemrollin goes into more detail about marketing. But I want to keep this simpler and more focused.

This post is all about making the best slogans possible... TOGETHER.

Good slogans would increase traffic and adoption of Steem and Steemit. Crowdsourcing is a great way to come up with great ideas. Write down your idea for a slogan in the comments to this post and then let the crowd decide if it is any good.

Remember how they just changed the rules so that you can earn Steem through popular comments? Well here's your chance to take advantage.

Feel free to explain your reasoning behind the slogan in the comment, just make sure to only include one slogan per comment so that it's easy to keep track of precisely which slogan has the most votes.

Only one of your slogans has to be popular for you to make good Steem

Feel free to start commenting now. Continue reading to see my tips for creating persuasive slogans

There are some good ideas in @steemrollin's post, but...

Here are my tips for making even better slogans

  1. Appeal to people's EMOTIONS. Slogans are about being persuasive, not being reasonable. First, you cannot convince people with reasoned arguments anyway. Second, you certainly can't do it in a slogan. Most of the slogans I've seen suggested involve people getting paid. There are two problems with this. First, it's a highly rational argument. If you were talking to homo economicus it would be very effective. You are not. You are talking to human beings who are moved by things like "hope," "fairness," "equality," etc. Second, it sounds like a scam. Even if you had people who had actually gotten USD from Steemit (we don't even have that) waiving it around saying how rich they had gotten, it would still sound like a scam. Perhaps framing it as "this is the money that facebook is stealing from you" would be better. When you focus on the money, people have to think in terms of "is this a scam or not?" You may be convinced that it is not a scam, but obviously they aren't. What you want them to be asking are questions like, "how much money can I make?" or, "Will I want to leave my money in Steem or cash out." At least that way they are assuming that it is not a scam and so are accepting your premise that you can make money on Steemit.

  2. Keep it short and sweet with simple words. As @steemrollin pointed out "Make America Great Again" is perfect. "Just do it," is another classic.

  3. Make it funny. Looking at the image posted highlights a potentially powerful strategy: mixing your slogan with popular memes. Popular memes are familiar to people and they already come with an associated emotion. The Shia Lebouf meme, for example, is already funny.

  4. Make it rhyme

  5. BE HONEST. People have evolved over the millennia to sniff out fraud and dishonesty. Don't try to hype-up Steem, try to explain what gets you excited about it in as few words as possible.

Modify Other Slogans

Don't be afraid to propose slogans that are variants of other people's suggestions. That's a great way to refine our ideas until we're left with a nugget of pure gold. If the original idea doesn't get many upvotes than it just wasn't very good. If a derivative post gets a lot more votes, then it was obviously much better.

A-B Testing

Finally, we should A-B test the most popular proposals to see which work best. If none of them work, we can just return to the drawing board and make new proposals based on this new information, rinse and repeat. Using this method there is no reason to think we can't create a highly effective and viral slogan for the site.

I will start the ball rolling by posting my own slogans in the comments, but don't judge ... I never said I was any good at this! :)

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Where ideas never run out of steem

Nice! Could be simplified down to: Ideas never run out of Steem

It still needs a hint to where the ideas never run out of steem. So an upvote for the initial proposal.

Haha, the crowd clearly says I am wrong! I am humble enough to accept the wisdom of the crowd :)

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

steemit... where Atheist's meet Christian's

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

steemit... and Forget what you know about Social Media...

Forget everything you know about Social Media

steemit... no limit!

Fueled by steem power


A new kind of social network

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

steemit... forget the limit!

Thinkit, Postit, Steemit! " Building Social Value" or " Build your Social Value"

Or maybe, "Building Social Capital" ?

Social Steem?

Why Steemit? Because your content is valuable

i would only use one word. as a verb... "steemitup" it means upload it on steemit.


You're valuable and so's your content. Take both to Steemit to find out how much.

Do you feel the need? The need for Steem? STEEM IT.

STEEM - $ocial Media 2.0 - Social Network For Everyone

"If you can think it! Then Steemit!"

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

steem logo


own it! • social media unleashed

This, I like this. This is nice and modern. Maybe just,

"your own social media unleased" would work too.

Steemit - Be Social - Get Paid!

If you like this, SHORT, CATCHY and virtually SAID IT ALL slogan, please upvote. We will all benefit with a good slogan! Thanks.

STEEM: Powering People, Not Machines

The social network where you're The Boss

STEEM : Reward Your Thought

For music promos could've been used someting like that:

Esteem on STEEM

Steemit...Take the wrinkles out together!

So cool it Steems - Social media for everyone

Readit, Voteit, Steemit!

Steemit... crowdfunded blogging.

Don't be a weener, come be a steemer!

Occupy social media



Blow off some steem

Thanks for the mentions @andrarchy! Yeah I think it's great to revisit this since the community has grown and we'll get a lot more ideas ...

Change the way you do social media

The ka-ching of social media.

maybe a series?
the ka-ching of social media.
the ka-ching of content.
the ka-ching of your online identity.

Maybe we can "own" the word "ka-ching" the way Richard Bronson owns the word Virgin and The Beatles and The Steves own the word Apple...

Ka-ching... #lol !!!

Be the CHANGE you want to see in the cloud.

STEEMIT: Help others as you help yourself!

You Write, Enrich Yourself!

Based on the original YouTube Slogan - YouTube, Broadcast Yourself. The must have done something right over there! smile

If you can dream it, you can steam it!

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steem or die

STEEM : What Is Your Idea Worth?

or STEEM : How Much is Your Idea Worth?

Why Waste Time on Facebook, When You Can Make Money on Steemit?

STEEMit: Not The Status Quo

STEEM: Regain Your Social Value
or Take Back, Reclaim, Redeem, Rediscover

We are all in steemit!

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Building esteem across the world

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

"Is today, your Steemdependence day?"

Steem, better than Ice cream!

Just kidding :)

Your Dream Needs You Full Steem!

STEEM : The Internets New Wealth of Information

@steemychicken1 regarding 'steemitup"

And in a video promo, the background can be playing the Stones tune of "Start me up" with new lyrics, of course...
"If you steem it up, if you steem it up, you'll never stop!
You can steem it up, you can steem it up, I'll never stop!"

Time is money

decentralized Paid2Post social media.

The sharing economy for your ideas

I like the idea, but it's too complicated. A "sharing economy" is a very complex idea. If you can simplify that term it would work better

Smells like Steem spirit

You are the product, get paid for it

this contest still open ?

STEEM: Read, write, comment, get paid.

Your have value, don't waste it, steemit!

Steem. It's getting hot in here.

The Social Network that values your content

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

STEEM: Elevate Your Social Life

Write it, Steemit, Earn it.

Image of Steemit

How many steem does it get to change a lightbulb?
Only one, your self-esteem :D