Steemit Slam #2 - Theme: From A Child's View | Entry #1 - By the Window — Steemit

Steemit Slam #2 - Theme: From A Child's View | Entry #1 - By the Window

in slam •  last year


Every day, I sit by the window
Waiting and waiting for the day
when Mommy will come by to pick me up
because she promised me so that day

She told me,
"My baby, be good here and stay
I will come back I promise
Just wait for that day."

So even if Aunty tells me
To go outside with the other kids and play
I will stay by the window
in case Mommy comes back for me today

Maybe she will be here soon
To celebrate my next birthday
Maybe she will come back with lots of toys
For all those other birthdays

Pretty please come true
So I won't miss Mommy anymore everyday
I wish she would come back and get me
Mommy, I'm still waiting for that day

Mommy promised me so I'm still waiting for that day.

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I saw a resteemed Slam contest last week but I saw it on the day it was due to end. I told myself I'd do the next one and though life mostly took over my Steemit life this week, I managed to snag enough time to write. I've only written using a child's point of view once so I'm relatively new to this voice. That day referring to two separate days (the day mom left and the day she was supposed to come back) was intentional.

When I was writing this, I had the adoption theme in mind as an offshoot to my first child POV poem that had the same theme. So it was an adoption home or a convent in the setting initially before I read the entire poem again and realized it was close to what happened to my cousin who got left behind by his mom (my aunt) to her mother (our grandma). She never came back for him and he waited over two decades before accepting he was abandoned. She met someone while working abroad, got married, and now have a family who still don't know of my cousin's existence. Yeah, it's sad and messed up but at least he's happy now.

Anyway, this is my first entry. If you liked this, please considering giving me an upvote/resteem and tell me what you think? Thanks for reading :)

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I read your other poetry! they're simple yet meaningful, keep on writing. I am following you to read more from you. Cheers :)


Thank you :) I try to be as straightforward in my writing as it's my way of practicing how to be straightforward in the real world. I hope you find meaning in whatever poetry I write in the future.


Ha Ha I have the same issues but I still write in codes but yes, I am so looking forward to read your work!


I'm not complex enough to write in codes. But now I feel the weight of your expectation to deliver something of value lol


You are plenty complex enough to write in whatever fashion you want... don't doubt and it will all flow out...

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Very nice poetry.You have amazing talent.your entry should win in a contest.


Haha thanks, kabayan. I still need a lot of practice though :)


Perhaps, but you did well in this POV- remains both touching and relatable.


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