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A slam is an act-like recitation, so all together represents a kind of performance. This is talking poetry, shouting, in which there is not much room for fluttering feelings, but more full of noise. She sings honestly, talks about things that are not talked about much, about the lowest urges of man. Social relations, conventions are criticized, and in this way, topics that are addressed touch with naturalism.

An outburst of dissatisfaction or some other deep feeling through the poet's performance leads to a certain catharsis in the audience, where she reacts, and thus becomes a participant in the performance. However, topics in slam poetry are not defined, so one can sing about anything. So we also have a haiku slam, and topics about the surreal, the absurd, and topics taken from contemporary hip-hop culture are addressed.

Slam is usually performed on stage and has a competitive character. Considered to be the youngest poetry genre, it was created in Chicago in 1985, thanks to young poet Mark Schmidt. The original slam events had a competitive spirit, while the jury was primarily an audience. Unlike classic poetry evenings, which mostly run without much fuss, applause, bouts and whistles are desirable in the slam performance and are an integral part of the performance.

Slam poetry has found its place in the modern art of expression and, as such, has become very popular. Freed from all conventions and rules, the poetry of the new age becomes free, open and rebellious, provoking different emotions among the audience, where no one remains indifferent.711d7833-55ad-4a54-809a-19eeffaaa53f.jpg

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Love that picture. Is it yours? Do you do slam poetry? Recommend #creativecoin or #palnet tags - in fact, more than three tags is good and on Steempeak you can use 10! x

I added some effects to the photo .... I love Slam but I don't do it. Thanks for the tag recommendations.