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What is SkyWay?
As the largest transport corporation in the 21st century: generation of new generation traffic technology is expected to account for 50% of the world traffic.
Only about 10% of the stock is left for those who are quick to take the opportunity.
The research and development of public transport system of wire rope technology, ie overhead roads, speed in the inner city reaches 150 km / h and 500 km / h inter-provincial expressways national and international.
A great potential project that is one step further in human humanity in technology that promotes the economy of a thriving nation has a tremendous humanitarian value that contributes to humanity. .
The Skyway Group is valued at $ 400 billion by the authorities and the international valuation company for 2013 for the period from 1977 to 2013. In 2014 the Group issued 400 billion shares, the Group retained 267 billion shares, sold to the public is 133 billion shares. It has sold over 115 billion shares.0_d9VJ69PIVwVkWKpx.jpg
Why should you invest in SkyWay today?
Advantages of SkyWay technology:

  • Lowest construction cost, not leveling or mountain drilling, bridge construction.
  • Lowest operating costs, using renewable energy, wind power and solar power.
  • Running on the highest security and without traffic congestion.
  • Full automation.
  • Environmentally friendly because it does not discharge dust and noise.
    Thanks to these advantages, SkyWay is receiving the attention of investors around the world.
    Intellectual Property:
    SkyWay owns the exclusive right to this global shipping technology. A breakthrough in the transportation industry worldwide, at a speed of 500km / h will be a formidable competitor to the airline industry. According to independent experts, SkyWay technology is valued at $ 400 billion.
    Corporate Development:
    Divide it into 15 phases of investment development towards commercialization and IPO. Currently in stage 12 with many breakthroughs. The Group has agreed and signed with countries in the world for the implementation of SkyWay technology project.
    Financial return on SkyWay::
    You have the opportunity to buy shares of the company before the listing price drops to hundreds of times their potential value, and when SkyWay on the stock market (IPO) on the world market, you can get benefits. 100 times as much. That is perfectly normal, the problem is that you recognize the potential of that company. For example, when Apple was not listed on the stock market at $ 0.06 per share, it rose to $ 6.3 / share (up 105%) at the time of its listing. You own only 1% of Apple shares in 1976 for only $ 80 before the IPO you are now billionaire owns $ 8 billion.
    Annual income: From each target project performed by the company, you will receive a return corresponding to the amount of stock you hold.
    Co-owner of a global corporation: By acquiring a stake in the company, you become one of the co-owners of the 21st largest shipping corporation.
    SkyWay stock value:
    The current (12th stage) is just below: $ 0.02 / cp-. When the IPO (global stock market) will be true with its potential value of at least $ 1 to $ -5 / cp and so is hundreds of times higher than your initial investment.
    In the current period you invest $ 1,000 to 45,000cp. When your IPO value will be $ 45,000 — $ 225,000
    You invest $ 10,000 to 650,000pp. When your IPO value will be $ 650,000 — $ 3,250,000.

Why choose SKYWAY?0_ThSe7cp7w7fDkS7J.jpg

Anatoly Yunitsky is a scientist and inventor, author of more than 200 scientific articles, 18 monographs and more than 100 inventions in the fields of construction, transportation, construction machinery, electronics and chemicals. He is the author of chain and planetary transport systems, as well as a number of transport infrastructure projects based on wire technology. Advanced wire technology began to develop 38 years ago, when Anatoly Yunitsky decided to optimize the traffic system. , high efficiency and safety. The project has evolved from the stage of a chain transport project to the stage of actual research in this period. In 2001, the technology built the railroad structure, support and basic components as well as The first generation freight chain was successfully tested on a test site built in the town of Ozyory, Moscow. The current development level of the wire transfer technology allows for immediate start of designing a specific route and orders for the production of the fourth-generation steel roll. The novelty of the invention of the Yunitsky is guaranteed by the light For the inventions of Russia and the world.
Skyway project was studied and invented by Anatoly Yunisky of a Russian scientist (Belarusian origin). He won many international honors and awards.
Russian scientist, inventor and entrepreneur
The head of the two UN projects
Member of the Soviet Union of Astronauts
Author of more than 140 inventions
18 monographs and more than 200 scientific articles
The Skyway stock was researched and developed 40 years ago from 1977 when he was working at the Russian Academy of Space Sciences. Initially funded by: the United Nations Foundation, the Voluntary Peace Fund, the Nationals, Politicians and Investors.
Skyway is a new breakthrough in the transportation industry. Skyway is not a mere project, but has been made into history films and written into science books. Skyway has been praised by the media for its many years of praise for the next generation of modern transportation technology, the environmentally friendly economy.
The Skyway project has won many prestigious awards in transportation and science, diploma certifications from many countries.
This is the exclusive, low cost, high-speed traffic technology that the World is aiming for. Maximum speed of operation is 100–150 km / h (inner city), 400–500 km / h (suburban, inter-provincial).
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How does the company evaluate the company? Click on this link to find out:
Skyway is valued by the authorities and the International Company for capital + the intellectual property + intellectual property award from 1977 to 2013. The estimated Skyway Group technology will reach 400 billion Usd through the following link:
In order to successfully develop the project and bring Skyway Shares Technology to the world, the Company has initiated community fundraising through the issuance of shares. With a valuation of US $ 400 billion, ISIN Securities has been quoted by the International Securities Commission as VGG322291094 (check here):
Isin stock code? Find out here:

  1. Resist temperature differences — Pre-stressed rails allow for solving heat distortion problems and make road construction even feasible in the harshest climatic conditions.

  2. Highly balanced (compared to conventional support and Skyway)Unshielded structure of a torsion rail between anchors for high flatness and reduced road construction costs over time.

  3. Compare Skyway bridge and overpass — The simpler design of the support button compared to the overpass makes the car move smoothly and comfortably for passengers.

  4. The position of the vehicle on the ground ensures improved aerodynamic performance and significantly reduces the amount of energy consumed during the ride.

  5. Performance monitoring of deviation (energy conservation law) — With special configurations, the efficiency of the Skyway transport system can be further improved by using a gravity motor.

  6. Transportability — Skyway’s transport systems can provide both passenger transportation and continuous cargo handling with volume, satisfying even modern supermarkets.

  7. The fastest means of transportation (Except for air travel)

  8. Production cost is 2 to 8 times lower than other projects.

  9. Low maintenance costs. The material is assembled much faster construction time …

  10. Skyway’s 18-seat cruising operation costs 20kw electricity / 100km at 150km / h. Running 100 km only cost 40,000–60,000 vnd. Save on travel costs for huge customers.
    Maximum noise level of 75 dB is less than 80 dB to affect human hearing.
    Used in one-way electromagnetic fields, it does not pollute the environment.
    Space-efficient use of small space suitable for construction in the cramped city without much cost to clear the site.
    Suitable for all complex models such as snow, hills, ponds, rivers and streams.
    The structure is light but extremely strong because it is a scientific work that is researched and applied from aerospace science.
    It is more than 10 times higher than other means

the intensity of up to 10 Richter scale; flooding the rivers
water depth of up to 20 m; Storm
with speeds up to 250 km / h; tsunami
with a wave height of up to 50 m
Evidence of scientific papers, skyway research works:
Evidence of the company’s patent awards:
Two grants from the United Nations for development.
Three signs of gold quality “Russian Mark”.
Two international awards “Golden Chariot” in the nomination “Transport Year Project” (Ministry of Transport and State Russian Federation).
Two gold medals of the All Russia Exhibition Center.
More than 30 degrees at international exhibitions.
Conclusion of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Shareholder: Euroasian SkyWay Systems Holding (ERSS HL) Co., Ltd. visit the company website, company number is 1872233 — check register, ID certificate is A1DB43C6F8 — check certificate Founded in 2015, the team has over 170 technical specialists — engineers and designers
Partner of ERSS HL and member of SkyWay Group: First Skyway Invest Group Ltd. (FSIG Limited), the company’s number is 09320759, founded in 2015, founded in 2015, group of people 17
US $ 88 billion (Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane Expressway and beyond Australia)
$ 66 billion US Eurepean (High-speed “London-Berlin-Moscow” and then Tokyo),
USD 4.4 billion (Moscow — Minsk — Vilnius — Kaliningrad),
$ 5.5 billion UAE (UAE Urban Highway in Dubai and Sharjah),
$ 8.8 billion Bolivian (“Mutun — Pacific Seaport”).
The STU project in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam involves connecting high-speed transport systems to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Characteristics of STU:
Length is 1500 km, design speed is 450 km / hour, type — cargo and passenger, cargo capacity — 1 million turns / day, estimated cost of the whole route, including structure and tracking support, vehicles and infrastructure — about $ 9 billion.

How to invest in SkyWay?
Sign up for a free account here: https://lend.skyway-capital.com/?partner_id=237939

After signing up for your account, you will make KYC declaration (identity verification and personal information:
After registration you choose a form to pay with the company: e-wallet for investment (Gateway and in):
Visa, OKPay, Perfect Money, Payeer, ADVCash, Quiwi, ​​Yandex Money, WebMoney, BTC-e, Bitcoin,
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Note: There are several payment gateways. Please note to calculate correctly. Choose the right investment package for your financial condition and buy the package.

One of the most beneficial packages for people willing to invest from $ 1000 in a month.
Make the first payment of $ 1000, you will receive 45,000 shares.
If you redeem the stock package for $ 1000 within 30 days after your first payment, you will receive 55,000 shares (i.e. + 1000 rewards).
For a third payment of $ 1000 within 30 days after the second payment, you will receive 65,000 shares.
Have invested in the “INNOTRANS” $ 3000 package within 60 days, you will receive 165,000 shares.
If you make one or two payments for the INNOTRANS package at the discounted rate of the current period and the following payments are made after moving to the next stage with the discounted discount, the next payment will be considered the first payment at. If you made 3 payments in the 12th period and continue to pay for the INNOTRANS package, then for each subsequent payment following your third payment, you will are credited with 65,000 shares.


  • Skyway is a railroad construction company on high
  • Skyway Capital is a partner company specializing in capital mobilization, capital management and marketing and finance planning for the Skyway project.
  • In Minsk, Russia has an Eco TechnoPark tested by the government for its construction. At the site everyone can visit the progress of the project. There are many trials.
  • When we buy the stock of the company, we become one of the pioneers involved in the development of the company.
  • At present, the price of shares is extremely profitable.
  • When a certain number of shares have been sold, the company is required to move into open-stock companies, leading to the listing of shares on the stock exchanges.

We are facing EARLY with a profitable prospective company in the future, with extremely high interest rate hikes rarely found anywhere else.
If we succeed, we can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Investing is risky, so you only use your idle funds and note that you need to invest in long-term value in years, not invest a few months and be able to withdraw funds.
Subscription link:

Contact support: Zalo, Telegram, Whatsapp +84965944933
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