Is Skydiving Scary? Let’s Find Out Here !!!

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Everything started with the idea. I want to skydive !
So I started looking where I could meet my dream.


Luckily for me I live in the Chicago area, so it was not particularly difficult plus I found a place where you can skydive with an amazing view of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan.
I booked a date and started to fill in and waiver, This is not the most pleasant thing you have to sign. You are signing that you understand that you can be seriously injured or even killed. It is like committing a suicide until you land safely, grrrrr.
So I did it fast..

The day has come.
Family packed and off we go. We came to the place, nice weather, almost no clouds and light wind. Just perfect.

just perfect.jpg

After checking in we had a lot of time to watch other jumpers on the sky. It looked great, the plane and people seemed to be dots on the sky.

I met my instructor Tom, we talked a while, he told me what to do and to expect. He is very experienced skydiver - about 7000 jumps already, so I knew I was going home today in one piece. OK, now it’s my turn, we’re going to the plane with 4 other tandems.
It's a bit loud inside but nice and chilly - there's about 30 F cooler up there.
Suddenly someone opens the door and you realize there is no turning back LOL. One by one everyone is leaping from a flying 120 mph airplane at a height of 10,000 ft. WOW.

I admit that the strangest moment is when you are hanging out of the door of a flying plane. But then we quickly jumped out and the fun begun.
Freefall is amazing, you are zipping thru the air at high speed, it is as loud as you drive a car with open windows on the highway. The skin waves from the air pressure and you can admire the amazing views. That feeling is fantastic but not scary. I think this is because of a high altitude , you know that you are falling but you do not feel that you are close to the ground, so there is no impression that you are going to hit something.

My instructor Tom made us to spin around, so we could see three states IN, MI and IL. The view of the lake, the curved shoreline and downtown Chicago in the distance is truly amazing.
The fall takes about 45 sec then the parachute opens, Suddenly it is quiet and very calm, it seems that you are starting to float instead of going down. We took a few spins in the air to admire the whole panorama. The parachute ride back to the landing area takes up to 5 minutes. And finally we landed safely.

The whole experience is really amazing, very pleasant and there is nothing to fear. Surely I'm going to make my wife jump. I know that she was afraid but after seeing other jumpers, pictures and videos of my jump I see she wanted to.

Will you see a video and some photos of my jump? 😎
















If someone wants to jump but is worried or not sure. Just do it It's worthed. This is an amazing experience that will surely remain long in the memory.
I would HIGHLY recommend.

Screenshot 2017-07-05 at 12.56.00 PM.png


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nice! love it!

If something scares and excites you at the same time, it is propaply the right thing to do.

Awsome pictures. It is on my bucketlist for way to long now.


Thanks, you're right I have long delayed realizing my idea. This jump was like a gift for my 40th birthday. It was really cool

wow haha I want to try this :) Thanks for posting You looked happy in the video start to finish.


Yes right, but there was a short moment of uncertainty when I was hanging out the door 😨


Yes right, but there was a moment of uncertainty when I was hanging out the door 😭

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Pretty cool you took the time to add in all the pics...brings me back to my first skydive :-)