To Be HAPPY What do your really need ? Think about it?

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Most people believe that they NEED a big house or a fancy car or that great big boat or to be a movie star etc. etc.
There are a lot of people including Movie Stars and educated and uneducated people who have had everything and when they had it all they were no longer HAPPY. It's horrible when you hear of an actor or someone you know or hear about other people who have just lost their way and have committed suicide, it's truly sad!

Now don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with having things and growing your pocket like on Steemit here. It's the simple things in life that can make a person HAPPY.

If you have a bed to lay on, a roof over your head, food to eat and clothes to wear, your health and people who love you, well count your blessings, because you really have it made!

It's the simple things that can make you HAPPY like watching the sunset or sunrise, or walking in the warm rain or laying in the sun a wee bit, or looking at the clouds in the sky or the stars at night such mystery and beauty! Animals from cats, dogs, deers, monkeys, frogs, birds there are so many of theses creatures that we can have or behold the site of.
Rising in the early morning and going for a walk in the woods and being with nature can be thrilling, exciting, adventurous and breathtaking. Walking and talking to a friend is without a doubt is a great way to get your feelings out while getting some exercise! Attached are some pictures that I hope you will enjoy!

Take care and breath the fresh air! Till next time ... Sisterlove!!!20170512_174809.jpg20170522_203451.jpg20170428_160318.jpg20170504_192413.jpg[20170504_192413.jpg20170405_190032.jpg![20170405_175827.jpg](https://steemitimages.com20170419_185204.jpg20170422_185704.jpg


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