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in sky •  last year

This photo was taken through a car window, looking East, while heading South at approximately 100 km/h close to Sunset a couple of weeks ago. It was taken using a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.

As with a lot of snaps, it doesn’t quite capture clearly what could be seen by eye.
I added a filter to the photo to bring out the anticrepuscular rays to make them more obvious, they aren’t as bright as crepuscular rays.

Just like crepuscular rays, anticrepuscular rays are actually parallel but when we look them, due to our perception, anticrepuscular rays appear to converge onto a point the distance while crepuscular rays seem to spread out from the Sun creating an illusion that the sun is much closer than it is.

Like many others, I’m sure, I have been fascinated by them probably all my life.
Anyway, I just thought I’d share.
Hope you enjoy.

Here is the original raw photo without any filters.

More photos of anticrepuscular rays.


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WOW ...I wish I saw this sooner. I am following and Upvoting. Please post more.


Thank you.
Often, I'll see cool things like this and forget I have a phone that I can use to take a picture.
Sometimes, in cases like this one, it just stands out as something that should be shared.
I'd love to see how those who have fallen for that "Flat Earth" trip would try to explain anticrepuscular rays.
I'm following you back too by the way.
Steem on!


YES I'm Steeming up Up To The Moon.
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