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Mother Theresa Church in Poland

Skin exposed brain

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Oberlin University Professor Yamaguchi

What is important for the growth of children

After accomplishing something

I hugged tightly as "I was able to do it well"

I will hug a crowd when crying

Touching the skin

Skin shipping is very important.

Skin ship is

Accept the whole partner's existence

"You can stay here"

"You are an important person"

Such as the existence of the opponent itself

Tell them that you are admitting everything

Because it is a message.

In this way you get a skin ship

My mind is healed

We promote an intimate relationship with the partner.

So why to skinship

Is there such a big effect?

I would like to think from two perspectives.

First of all

There is the word "skin exposed to the brain".

This is because the skin and the brain are close

It means being in a relationship.

Skin is self and society

Because it is the boundary which is in direct contact

Sensation that occurs at the boundary

That is,

Interpersonal relationship will be strongly reflected. In the case of

For example

Even though the physical stimulus is the same

I feel good when I touch someone I like

It makes you horrified when you touch a person you dislike.

It is too sensitive and sensitive to interpersonal relationships.

Also tickling is

Consciousness of defense from opponent

It shows that it is working.

Also because skin has close relationship with the brain

For example

"Warming your hands will warm your heart"

"When you touch something you rasped, your heart will also become rough."

I also know that.


Even if I close my eyes

Just shaking hands with people

Whether the other party is "nervous"

Even things like "can you trust"

You can feel it.

Skin-ship involves intimacy and confidence

It is communication.

As a second reason for the effect of skin ship

Made in the brain

The substance "oxytocin"

Research knows that it will be easier to get out.

This oxytocin is

It is also called "Binding hormone"

Deepening relationships of love

Lighter stress

There is a work to stabilize emotions.

Funny thing is that oxytocin

Not only the touched child

It is also secreted to the parent who touches.

Then, the affection for the child got deeper

It has an effect to promote nurturing behavior.

So by having a skin ship with a child

My parents also deepened affection

Stress is healed

It makes me feel relaxed.

For this reason

In the skin ship where the exposed brain and the brain contact

There are many amazing effects.

Next, I will introduce the effect of skin ship.


Not only children

Skin ship to the elderly is also

It began to be reviewed.

For example, by gently touching a patient with dementia

Behavioral and psychological symptoms such as aggressive behavior and wandering

The less effect is recognized.

Its effects also include oxytocin

With a pleasant skin sensation

It is thought that it is because stress decreases.

Even if you become demented

Again as human beings with dignity

By being touched

You can regain the relationship of trust with the other party

To accept care so as smoothly

It is.

At the hospital

Neither the doctor nor the nurse have come to touch the patient.


Touching the patient

Heal the patient's anxiety

Lighten pain

It reduces stress and increases immunity.

This is called "treatment".

By touching it well

Reliable relationships and satisfaction with nurses and doctors also increased

To encourage healing of disease

The medical professional himself can become a good medicine.

Also at school

The teacher ceased to touch the students

Children's interactions have also decreased.

Children's play

In the past, jumping horse and hand connecting demon etc

Play that can naturally acquire skin ship

There were a lot

Now such play is

It almost disappeared

Instead, such as video games

The game has become mainstream.

The play of the skin ship is

Actually, it is very good.

I think that it was training for human relations.

Sumo wrestling for example

"The whole body of the opponent said that he would like to win"

There are children such as.

By touching

To the change of feelings and heart of the other person

It becomes easy to notice.

In overseas research

By taking time to get in touch with each other

Violent children become calm

There are no bullying

The sense of unity of the class has strengthened

Effects such as are recognized.


Cause of truancy and bullying is increasing

The fact that skinship is decreasing

I think that it is not irrelevant.

The abuse which is increasing recently is so.

In many cases parents who abuse

I have problems with skin ship with children.

Farasa not hugging or hugging

I feel nauseous when I touch my child

There is also a parent.

It is when parents themselves are children

I could not even mention that parent enough

It is considered to be one cause.

Still it is not too late.

Parents' hands of abusing

While gripping and rubbing the back

Rapidly resolve my mind

It became possible to touch children

I was able to hug my child again

I have heard that story.

Also in research on adults

People with mental disabilities such as depression and anxiety

Than those who do not

My parents did not touch me much during my childhood

I think.

Moreover, I am not good at touching people.

That is

In early childhood

"My parents did not accept enough."

Low self-affirmation such as

"It was not needed by parents"

It appears in the low self-esteem feeling such as.

The skin sensation touched in such a childhood is

That it is still after adults

Perhaps the skin itself

Maybe you have memory like the brain.

Influence of childhood skinchip

It continues until after adulthood.

In this childhood

Even if the skin ship was small, it is okay.

Skin ship from any time

Because it can regain it from anyone.

If it is after adult

Even in the skin ship with a couple or lover

You can regain shortage in early childhood.

We live in modern times

Rather than relying on the net

More sensitive to skin sensation

It will be necessary.

For example

To feel the transition of the four seasons with your skin

I feel that I am living here now

I will create it.

Going to various places without being bothered

The unique air and atmosphere there

It is important to feel it.

I do not know by only letters and images

Because there is raw air.

Also as we have mentioned

Skin ship is

I solved many of the problem of modern Japanese mind

It will prevent it.

In a Japanese society rapidly declining birthrate and aging population

Also for the elderly to reduce medical expenses

To prevent children's mind problems as well

Just medicine and technology alone

Try to solve with efficiency priority

I think that it is necessary to change posture.

Skin ship,

"Anyone" "Anywhere" "Just"

It is a wonderful tool you can do.

It has been done since ancient times

The splendor of skinship

Why do not you review it?

                          Oberlin University Professor Yamaguchi

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