Swing Trading Strategy on Forex Trading

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Hello steemit,

Today i am going to share about swing trading strategy on forex trading, which could be little boring but it can be highly profitable in risk vs reward. So before i start i must remind you that you should be very careful about your money management and leverage. You should always play safe and do not risk big amount on one trade because there are many opportunity in the market which can help to make profit.

If you want to take any of trade for swing and hold for long you must read fundamental analysis of that currency and must look into the economy condition of the country then you should proceed for technical analysis which help you to find key level to place buy/sell order, after this you should be calculating the risk of the each trade you gonna take and accordingly set the stop loss. Must remember that risk and reward plays an vital role in making profit in your account, if you have a higher risk than reward it ll get your into loss.

Patient is very must important if you've placed a swing trade, many a times you will see your trades went in huge profit and then it go back to neutral ( 0.00) do not get frustrate because in swing its normal if you're targetting 400-500 pips then seeing 100+ then 0 is normal. If you keep patient this strategy will actually make you beneficial .

I will write more about different strategy soon .

Thank you

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Thank you so much for it

I tried this once, I sweated a lot and even though I made money swing trading I never did it again... too stressful for me...

Yes, Its stressful but its actually beneficial for you in long term and this is the only strategy i found which is highly profitable for me even sometime i got 1:3 as a risk reward. I suggest you should work on this strategy. Thanks

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excellent post trader brother

Well bro i appreciate your respect that you shown to me and i hope you will do better trading and if anything you need to know about forex trading let me know i ll help whatever i can. Thanks

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