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in skiing •  9 days ago

Been skiing for only two days here. One of the best ski resorts ive been to.


We have had amazing snow and freezing cold weather.


Yesterday it was snowing with bad visibilty. But that is generally my favorite weather to ski.

It looked a bit like this:

I have never in my life (had to) protect my face like this.

It was so cold that my gopro completely crapped out.

I have absolutely no footage. Today i kept the camera to my body and that worked.

But it was super worth it.

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All I would do with these weather conditions is:
APRE-SKI ... all day long :)

oh -20 is to much for me. We do not go and skiing if it is colder than -10

Today we going to our closest Hill - about one hour away.


Steamboat is my favorite place on earth. That's really fracking cold though!
Have fun!!

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It is ultra-rare that it gets so cold at my cabin in Norway. The few memories I have of temperatures below minus 20 are of me keeping warm by digging out the snow-covered front door of the cabin with a shovel and then staying inside until it got warmer :p.

Weather and skiing conditions look amazing though!

damn bro, -20 is way to cold for me! Looks like fun tho

Damn, you're looking cool! Please post some videos you took with that camera <3!

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Grettings dude!! Enjoy!

Damn, last time I was up there was like 20 years ago... hit the bars afterwards 😂

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Maybe you people can not actually wait for the snow to stop


Maybe you people
Can not actually wait
For the snow to stop

                 - adenijiadeshina

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Ha winter forever as long as there are mountains would be no problem!

I'm just imagining how this feels like, I've never tried it before. I guess this is great fun!

I would prefer a sunny day for skiing. Looking forward to some more great photos and videos from your skiing days.