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Hello Steemains!
Happy Sunday to ye all

Today, I wanted to make some art but there was no real inspiration or what to draw.


So I just picked my pen, eager to draw, I made a circle or rather oval shape.


Then I thought of adding human features from the shape.


I repeated the oval shape over and over again then I added some shapes and tones to the feature.


The above is the final outcome of the scribbled work.

Whenever you fell unmotivated to draw, just pick up a pe and draw. It doesnt matter what you draw. Don't think about how it feels to create; Create how you feel.

Thank you.

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It looks interesting. Great

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Interesting drawing technique. I once saw the work of multi-colored liners, made in about this manner. Looked very cool!

Thank you. I had like to try more of it in my subsequent drawings.

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