Today's sketch

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The picture is very funny, especially when a goat is about to pounce on a human, I'm sure that person will kick with the foot that's ready to lift.

A beautiful sketch @organduo and it will make a beautiful drawing!

I think you should tincture it to make it look better.
Success is always for you.

Wow. Love your sketch work

Your drawing is nice

Beautiful drawing and nice art. I appreciate and like it. Thanks for sharing this post.

Magnificent sketch and nice art. I appreciate your outstanding creativity.

Great art and nice sketch. I appreciate your nice work.

Wow..Nice sketch and good art.

@organduo, In this art piece i can see the Daily Life. Stay blessed.

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I spy with my little eye a blue character somewhere around this cute sketch x)


That's Spiky the hedgehog made by our friend as a birthday gift for @laputis.

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So beautiful art of sketch @organduo

Beautiful drawing

Your draw is real if you added colors will be more beauty

Oh that great draw well done @organduo

I laugh at elephant mouth haha

Wow Today's sketch is amazing

Fascinating output this art and drawing..

Nice work.

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Thanks for your help, today I can sketch, I can draw because I looked up to you!

Lovely sketch @organduo

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Beautiful drawing.

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it must be a tame elephant ..😁

You are a great painter @organduo.

Really Very nice art graphic

Amazing drawing on the paper