I've been trying to draw again, I'll show you some sketches

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A few original characters

I need to practice a lot more! This are characters for the kind of story I want to create, with characters living in STEEM blockchain =)

This is, by far, my favorite:


He is from the future, when STEEM prize is $1000 and BTC no longer exists! haha!

I will try to make the lineart soon and color it too :D

I also want to make another contest doodle for upvote but with more cool prizes ;D stay in touch if you want to draw and win X)


Dibújame y te pago steems

Lol, though these pictures are quite funny, but I can see creativity, keep it up

And STEEM price $1000, that is a very near future, I wish

The piece is just too great

Wow. Great art I must say.

But are you sure Btc is ever gonna go into extinction?

Can't wait for Steem to hit 1000$. Wow.. Would be so great.

Thanks for sharing @fabiyamada.


I have no idea about BTC, I am just kidding n.n

Esta muy bonito fabi :3 se ve bien cuchi!

Gracias!:) espero poder terminarlo n.n

Great job you are very talented. I appreciate your work. Beautiful art. Wish you avery happy and bright future.

Que bueno que desempolves el lápiz, me encantan tus dibujitos.

Gracias!:) sí estaba muy empolvado xD

Very nice sketches :D and nice wish also :D :D :D you should totally ink them and make them coloured :D :D


I hope to find time before losing interest xD

Very nice.... Wish you like my art too... Thankyou 😘

you should make cartoon :D

You mean animated or like a comic?:o

WAUUU !! Fabi pero que bien dibujas!!!

eres una fuking virtuosa ..eso no vale, !!!!

arsa y toma que toma el arte que tiene mi aguela ..olee

Venga a lavarle la boca con jabón!!! Jajajaja gracias, nieto! Ya pórtese bien :D

Yes, I really like that character, it looks like in the Japanese anime movie. .

Thanks! And yes, my style is highly influenced by anime.

Equally, I also like anime, especially one piece 😁

What anime do you like best?

The of Ponyo by studio ghibli, I think n.n

¡Anda qué dibujos tan bonitos!
Hay algunos medio raros pero el que resaltas es re tierno :3

amazing you done very well ...