Contest Rewards, Rules, & Strategy Guide

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The prize pool will include 100% of liquid STEEM and SBD from my post and all of my predictive comments. The SBD will be converted to STEEM at current market price. The prize pool will not include STEEM POWER.

Upvotes to my post and my winning comment will increase your share of rewards. The prize pool will distributed to winners in proportion to their voting values (rshares) for my post and my winning comment. The rshares can be viewed by changing the domain of the post from to and clicking on advanced mode and vote details. My upvote values will be shared equally with all winners but will not exceed 50% of total voting shares for proportional distribution. Upvotes to my post and comments after contest begins can increase prize pool but will not be calculated as voting shares for proportional distribution to winners.



To become eligible to win rewards you may only upvote one of my predictive comments or post one predictive comment before each contest begins.



To increase expected rewards each new contestant should consider at least 3 measurements for each potential winning choice.

  1. the chance to win
  2. the number of contestants
  3. the vote values of the contestants

If you have any questions use the @skepticology tag.


Excellent opportunity you give us @skepticology. Congratulations.

Thanks and good luck in the contests.

good luck.

excellent opportunity that @skepticology gives us to win and encourage us to continue participating in this great community

It's great idea....

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