Dtube VLOG 19 - @nicolcron Diggin' in the Crates for a rare 10 tricks edit! Original DTube exclusive vlog series

in skateboarding •  3 months ago

My lovely Steemians and dtube nutters! Good day to you! It's @nicolcron back this week presenting a rare 10 tricks edit from my archive!
Originally made for kingpin magazine in 2011 or something like that, pretty much before my weirdness began spilling out into real life! =)

Short hair, normal shaped board, 52mm wheels... what was I thinking!? =)
I take you through 10 tricks at Harlow Skatepark from when I could do most of my tricks without any real effort!
I will be back to that level one day I hope!

I made the music too!! =)

Thanks for watching!
sTAy wEIRd!!

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Daaaaaamn man,that was so rad.Can't pick a favourite trick in this video,all tricks are awesome.But dude that nollie cab is sooo good.I'm sure you're gonna get back to that skate level man,too much hype around steemskate!!


Thanks dude! I know I have still got it in me, I just gotta get out skating more often, so I can get all the muscles back in my legs!
Cheers mate, I love doing those nollie cabs! Funnily enough that's one of the few tricks I can still actually do! Next time I make a vlog I will do one to prove it! (hopefully!) =)


that nollie cab was insane!

wow... those tricks are so good.


Thank you dude! One day I will get another late flip I hope!!

This clip buys you some time response vid coming soon....