Dtube VLOG 21 - @nicolcron Mad busy making new Death Skateboards DVD, and full quality trailer/preview for you! Original DTube exclusive vlog series

in skateboarding •  5 months ago

I hope you are all good steemians, dtubers and steemskate posse!
I have been very busy on a big dvd project but got the chance to make a quick vlog today to share with you the trailer for the new Death Skateboards DVD 'Into The Void'.

Hope you enjoy this little preview, Thank you for watching!
Catch you all soon! =)

StAy WeIRd!!

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Wow mate just saw this sick trailer.It got me hyped to go out and shred for real!Awesome edit bro.And that nosegrind to 5-0 twisting thing you do,can't wait for your part dude.Wish I could upvote more!


Nice one @fabian98!
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment =)


You're welcome bro :)

Video looks sick bro!


Yo man! Yeah thanks! We are going for a simple and raw approach to this one.
Short and sweet is the plan!
I'm gonna try to leak the odd bits and bobs onto here before release but dont tell anyone! ;)