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After a long day of skating we made it to the last spot of the day. Local spot that I previously failed at to get the trick at. This time I was ready and after breaking my board and my friends board, I was lucky enough to use another persons board to land it. You can see the two boards in the corner that were no longer able to skate.


Bay Street Video coming soon!

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Boom.Awesome catch brother.


Thank you man I appreciate it! posting more videos soon!


Waiting for it brother

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Awesome hardflip brother.
Resteemed by @Steemskate.
If you want to upload more skateboarding content make sure you use the tag #steemskate as your first tag so all skaters in here including me can see your footage.
@baystreetboards , waiting for the full video.


Thank you @Steemskate i will be tagging you guys in more of my posts! getting to the videos next

Hardflip is one of my favourite tricks. It looks so cool, especially when you catch it high in the air.

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Yaa brother @kevinhairston! Time for some videos too!!!