Skateboard art and a brief history of what Skaters ride.

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When you think of skateboard art you may think of the above pictured graphics. Novelty punk rock colors behind an in detailed photo but it didn't start there. When I was a kid in the 90s I copied what they did in the late 70's.

By making a deck out of a 2x4 and adding trucks. or sometimes cutting a skate in half. I would paint on the deck whatever I wanted. Since I was young at the time I cannot really remember what it was that I put on those first home made decks but I do remember my dad helped me make them. Those and a small kicker which eventually broke and my cousin almost broke his arm on. haha but still it was sick. I eventually got a quarter pipe but that's besides the matter. Skateboards! Could not have been a bigger part of my child hood growing up I was always scooting back and forth my parents backyard and falling down scraping my elbows. My elbows are tore up believe me from skating as an adult but it started young when I was a kid to tell you the truth with all these scars.

Nowadays skateboards are really on another level as far as the graphics go and are usually gone over with a computer for a few days until the ideas become approved. Their are still the old styles too that come out they call them re issues and there is a big demand for them on the market. Or at least there was with decent size facebook groups popping up everywhere they sure are taken seriously too as far as the originals go. Originals can cost collectors upwards of $10,000. I have never had luck holding onto decks for a long time and sadly have never kept an old school shape for longer than a few days. When skating every day I choose to give those style decks away to younger guys or girls that can appreciate them. I never can ride such a large surface the same as an 8.0 or and 8 and a quarter. The tricks are different and the style feels mad off when trying to do powerslides to me because I like a new school setup.

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