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Check out Girls' Night at my local skatepark, meet some of the women who come down every week and find out what Girls' Night means to them.

Would you give skating a go? If anything, what might hold you back?
Do you think women-only skate session encourage more women into skateboarding? Or are you not sold on women-only sessions?
Does your skatepark have a women-only session? Or are you thinking of running your own?

Let me know what you think :)

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Do you think women-only skate session encourage more women into skateboarding? I definitely think that women only skate sessions encourage more women into skateboarding. The skatepark itself can be extremely intimidating especially for women who have an interest in the sport but can easily be put off by the physical intimidation of loads of hyped up young dudes whizzing around with heaps of attitude (skateboarders have loads of attitude , some good some misguided). When I grew up skateboarding it was always important to learn with your mates and get your skill / confidence level up before approaching the big skate park sessions. That video looked like tons of fun and you couldnt wipe the smile of the girls faces keep up the fun skating and community vibes. Will follow and upvote !

I'm still intimidated in the skatepark when it isn't girls' night. Even with the girls who are new to girls night I always make the effort to ask their names and say "hey we're trying to ollie on to here, do you wanna try with us?" or offering to hold out your hands for someone to lean on when they drop in for the first time or practise rock-fakie. Thinking about it, that feeling of being part of something when you're taking turns to help each other, or lining up for your turn trying to ollie over something, that's the antidote to feeling intimidated in the skatepark. Nothing compares to it!

Yup nailed it , looking forward to seeing your footage regardless of level

looks like a lot of fun! i used to love skating.. i miss it a lot.. thanks for sharing :)

Give it a go again! It's never too late to pick it up again :)

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I rarely see any girls at my neighborhood skatepark which is sad, glad to see there are active women supporters out there!

They're out there, they might not know it but they are! It's all about safe space and encouragement. Encourage your skatepark to hold a girls night and more and more girls will come and then when they'll built up their confidence, they'll join you at your other skate spots :)

Amazing! Followed and resteemed!!
Skateboarding is the best!

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

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