My Heelflip Progress

in skateboarding •  9 months ago

A quick little progress video to show where I'm up to with my heelflips. I'm just stuck at this point.

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Ok, I'm not gonna get an Oscar for best skate vid, nor will I win 'gnarliest trick'. However, this is my very sincere video, to show you guys where I'm up to and what I'm struggling with.

As I'm sure you can see from my clip, I'm getting there with my heelflips. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at one particular point and I can't seem to get past it. I can flip the board, but I land with one foot on the board and essentially land the board onto my left calf muscle, which is incredibly painful! This is a bad picture but you get the idea, I actually had to stop working on heelflips after I filmed this because the bruising was so bad that repeatedly bashing it would risk serious damage.

The problem I'm having is that if I focus on flipping the board, I land it on my own leg. If I focus on getting my leg out of the way, I don't flip the board.

I'm really hoping you guys can see where I'm going wrong and help me out, so I guess I'm wondering:

    Does anybody have any tips and tricks?
    Different ways of approaching it/thinking about it?
    Anything I can work on to improve my progress with heelflips?

Let me know :)

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It pretty much boils down to confidence . Which is a terrible tip but all these goes you making minor adjustments . You have the flip but you aint locked into that natural timing of being right over the board and letting it flip under you . If you start landing primo or with the board upside down you getting there. I think the bruises are coming from trying to bail mid trick .....its all the mentalness man you just gotta go for one and trust your legs , trust the flip and hopefuly land on it . But that awesome progress thats on your trick list !!!! Although I prefer kickflips so im calling you out on the kickflip


Ha ha can't say fairer than that! I'll get to kickflips once I've got these down. Ok, so I'm thinking I should start focus on landing it rather than flipping it? Is that what you mean by landing it primo?


primo means you land it like this:
not what you WANT but its a step forward to commiting to levitating your body above the board as it flips


Yeah that's a good shout! Ah I was thinking it meant the board would be totally upside down! I'm so excited for Girls' Night tomorrow night, it was cancelled last week due to the snow :( I'll try to get something filmed for steemskate.

AHHHH!! So close!
Seriously anyone who tries to learn heelflips usually just jump really high and the board rockets up and barely flips.
You have the flick down perfect, but I can see that you are flipping with your foot and putting it straight to the floor.

  • I would recommend trying to land both feet on it upside down, to get used to the whole 'trust' thing and to also lose the fear of it not flipping.
    I think messing a trick up in different ways is the thorough way to learn

  • Hold onto something like the corner railings of a mini ramp or quarterpipe platform. Both arms, with the railing behind you, you can just lift yourself a tiny bit to stay in the air for an extra moment more to let it flip round.

  • Lastly I landed my first heelflip in a 'tailstall on the floor' position. That seemed to help me keep my front foot up more.

Great effort!! You def got them soon!
Disclaimer- Anyone that knows me will tell you my heelflips are awful so maybe ignore everything I said! ;)
You got this!!!!


Aha! Thanks so much for your tips, I really enjoy discussing different ways of approaching tricks. Skateboarding is so mental, having a new mind set can make such a difference! Now i just need it to stop snowing so I can skate!!!


Yeah I have really studied skateboarding in my life and I think I could explain how to do most things.
Although I can't get my own body to do certain tricks, I completely know how to do them!
Its all about center of gravity and weight distribution. I never hear that explained in how to videos.
Perhaps I should start a mini dtube series of how to's and see if it resonates with people!
But like you said, will have to wait til this mini ice age pisses off! =)


Ha ha yeah, thankfully it's finally warming up a bit!

You should definitely do a mini series of how tos, i'd be all over that!

You'll definitely get some battle scars lol
I've always believed that you learn tricks better when you're in motion.
Nice progress though!

Heelflip's are one of my favorite tricks. And once you finally learn where your feet are supposed to rest.. That's what it really comes down to is foot placement and flicking your heel forward essentially like a kickflip.

Keep shredding the gnar!

Dope! You'll be getting them down pat in no time!

You're such a cool chic @ambermayormaynot. I think it so sexy that you skate and crypt. I wish I could fly to where you're at. I know what it's like the almost get your heelflips and bruise ankle and carves in the process. Keep it up mamma. You're on your way..

Hello @ambermayormaynot, there is a lot great advice below but I would like something. The major thing I would say is that you need to learn to ollie higher. I teach skateboarding and I have lots of learners asking me about kickflps and heelflips and the response I give (after 15 years experience) is: can you ollie over two decks stacked up (interlocked). if the answer is no then you are going to find it hard to do any flip tricks because you simply are not used to being in the air that long. You have not rained your legs to both power you up and to stay up in the air. I can see it in your video, your technique for flipping the board is relatively fine, but your coming down with both feet so quickly so there is no chance for the board to finish what it doing. Go out and ride and ollie for the next 6 months without even thinking of flip trick. I know you are not going do that, but that would be my advice, it would develop your power and it would mean you have 6 months more experience of being comfortable on your board. Its great to see your determination and in my experience when i teach females they always have greater perseverance and way better natural balance. So I would suggest (and its only a suggestion) that you spend as much time as possible do ollies, ollie up curbs (sidewalks), ollie down them, ollie over things, even its just a crack in the pavement, that way you will get more and more comfortable with your board and will jumping up and keeping your legs tucked up in the air. Then when you add board manipulation (flips, shoves, shoves and flips together) you and your body will know what it feels likes to stay up in the air. There is nothing wrong with perfecting the basics, in fact mastery of the basics will give you a head start when approaching the advanced stuff. Keep up the great work, skateboarding is an incredible journey of self discovery and self development, thee is no need to rush it, you have a whole life time. Now go out and do some ollies and all the best to you.


Ha ha, I've just seen another one of your videos, your British so no need for me to mention sidewalks ha ha. Also, if your from/go to Manchester then hunt down Ben Grove and tell him I sent you, he'll help you out, he's a total LEGEND and an amazing skateboarder and Eddie Belvedere and in-fact all of that Manchester crew including my man Lloyd McLeggon. That "Pump Cage" looks like a well tidy park with loads of opportunity to practice your ollies, lets see more footage from there. Keep it up


Thank youuuu, I'll hunt down these people for sure! Thank you so much for your advice. I've been working on my ollies. I think for my next video I'm going to do all ollies, just getting slightly higher with each, like an inverted limbo game! Start with a broom, then a curb, then a deck and so on :) Thank you for the support!

so damn close! you'll get it :) it's definitely not an easy trick, but once you get it once you'll have it unlocked!

I always try to hang the toes of my front foot slightly off the board, then kick my heel upwards and on an angle out into the heel-side pocket of the board myself.

You'll get it sooner than later though :) you're putting in the work!


Thanks man! I'm gonna focus on half cabs and ollies for a bit, try to get that height up and get super comfy on the board. It's just so damn rainy in Manchester! I wish i could skate everywhere but it's always wet!