Update On "60 Seconds of Steem": 500 SBD Added To The Prize Pool - Plus: Upvotes From Oracle-D and Utopian.io For The Winners!

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Your viewers have to walk away feeling like they took more away from you than you took from them. - Scott Alexander

Isn't that what we want at Steem: to inspire others with our content, our art, our creativity and our passion?

Honestly, I just stole that quote from @katerinaramm's blog post where she announced that @utopian-io would support the Steem Marketing Campaign '60 Seconds of Steem'.

What an amazing move, thank you @katerinaramm & team Utopian.io and welcome on board!!!

When I launched the project a couple of days ago I seriously didn't expect to receive such an amazing feedback!

In case you missed it: 60 Seconds of Steem is a video ad campaign that calls for video producers on Steem. You have two weeks to create an outstanding clip that promotes Steem and upload it on @dtube. The best ads will win some spectacular prizes and be then used in a internet-wide social media campaign!

But before you get ready, please hold on for a second: We've got more amazing news about #sixtyseconds to share!


Can we make this job a bit harder for you?

@oracle-d cheekily commented on the contest announcement.

Yes, you can :-)

So the hard task is to get at least 5 high quality video ads out of the video contest, since Oracle-D wants to reward them in a special manner.

Those five will receive some monster upvotes from Oracle-D as follows:

1st - 80%
2nd - 70%
3rd - 60%
4th - 50%
5th - 40%

Go check their wallet to get an idea of the potential impact!

Now this wouldn't be Steem if we hadn't a ball starting to get rolling as consequence of such a fantastic promise.

This is a great idea! I would like to donate 500 SBD to the prize pool.

@theycallmedan commented.

Can you imagine me dancing around my computer?

What an amazing move, Dan! Thank you on behalf of all participants who will now be even more motivated to create something outstanding.

It's overwhelming to see how the community stands together - not only in this specific case.

There's a wave of screw-it-let's-do-it flooding the blockchain and somehow everyhing seems to be possible right now.

Everybody can be part of this momentum.


Screw it, let’s shoot it.

During the past days I've heard from steemians who're seriously planning to do a crash course in video production, just to be able to participate in the contest.


That's the type of voluntary action we want to see in this community, don't we?! :-)

Besides the attention the contest is already generating on the platform, the winners will receive some respectable amounts of Steem and SBD.

Now with all those sponsors getting on board it's become hard to keep track of the cash prize pool since it's constantly growing, but here's how it would look like if the contest ended today.

Status quo cash prize pool - sponsored by @dtube, @esteemapp, @heimindanger, @nextgencrypto, @roelandp and @theycallmedan:

Winning ad: 511.111 Steem + 250 SBD (~ $363 USD)

2nd best ad: 411.111 Steem + 150 SBD (~ $247 USD)

3rd best ad: 211.111 SBD ( ~ $185 USD)

dollar prices according to coinmarketcap.com on Jan 29th

Are you motivated?!? :-)

And here's how @utopian-io will make the game perfect:

  • Rewarding the the most popular video posts with upvotes
  • Presenting one of the videos on Utopian's social media channels
  • Giving the liquid rewards of this post to the three winners as follows: 50% to the top winner, 30% to the second place and 20% to the third place

The first entries have already been submitted to the tag #sixtyseconds, yet the contest will be running for 10 more days.

In case you missed it, please check out the announcement post for further details.

Let's build.
Marley -

Side node:

If you want to become a partner or sponsor of the project, feel free to join the party at any time. The contest will end on the 7th of February, and until then we can add infinite amounts of Steem to the prize pool :-) You can also reach out to me directly on steem.chat (surfermarly) or discord (surfermarly#8679) for any inquiry regarding the contest.

This blog was created in July 2016, aiming to provide thought-provoking content for open-minded people who go on adventure, step out of comfort zones and embrace the new.
Thanks for being part of the journey!


PS: All my blog posts are created and submitted via eSteem Surfer - my favorite Steem desktop client that was developed by @good-karma's @esteemapp team. Check out their account for more information.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Hey @surfermarly! Thanks for the awesome initiate. It's so cool to see so many big names in the Steem world get behind this! I've been mapping out some fun ideas for a video for this contest and have a few questions.

I feel like trying to market to all the various target markets (ie content creators, consumers, businesses, investors etc.) in such a short video would make it less impactful. What are your thoughts on the video really honing in on crafting a message for one of those target markets? Are you really hoping the video will touch on all points - or are you okay with a more targeted approach? I would probably plan on targeting content creators. I feel like it will just end up being a pretty generic video without a target market. Not to mention each "market group" will be attracted to different styles of captions, titles and thumbnail photos. Maybe I'm just not getting creative enough yet though. :)

Also ... how strict are you on it being 60 seconds or under? My current script is closer to 2 minutes...so I'll work on pairing it down. The video might be better at 1:15-1:30 though instead of 60 seconds.

Let me know what you think!! <3

Hey Lea! First of all let me tell you how excited I am to see that the idea has been received by the community in such way, I really didn’t expect that! :-)

Now it’s fantastic to hear that you’re already working on a video yourself, and I’ll try to find answers to all of your questions as follows:

Your point regarding the target group reminds me of Seth Godin:

Everyone is not your customer.

Yet, what you can do in Marketing at an early stage of time during a product’s lifecycle (and that’s where we’re at with Steem) is doing campaigns that generically address the majority of your main targets. These can also be called brand advertising campaigns. What you do is basically shaping your brand, aiming to anchor a specific idea of your product in the target’s mind who may get in touch with it for the very first time. It’s less call to action (real sales) but rather some initial noise.

My concrete thoughts were:

  • If you advertised Steem as the most innovative Social Blockchain in the world, hosting the most vibrant digital tokenized communities, building an impactful audience and influence within the attention market then THIS might call the attention of several groups (investors for the innovation, developers for the blockchain tech, creators for the tokenized communities etc.).
  • Many users on Steem belong to several of these target groups, we have a lot of content creators who’re investors e.g., so probably it’s not necessary to split them up on a first stage.

Buuuut :) as mentioned in the initial post, I’m not the one judging here and will only try to pull the strings between all participants. So in the end there are no rules for this very first campaign and if you feel that your video may be more impactful if being addressed to one single target, then I’d be the last one telling you to not go for it :-)

Here are the reasons for the 60 seconds limit:

  • People’s attention span in social media is very short. Videos that are longer than a minute are often not watched til the end.
  • It helps to make the entries somehow comparable.
  • You can’t publish videos on Instagram that are longer than 1 minute, and if were thinking about promoting the ad in all relevant media then insta would be a great platform to consider.

Yet, as I said above, these are really no rules set in stone. In the end the community will decide, ans also I guess this won’t be the last campaign. Given the overwhelming feedback, we should definitely repeat that - and then we can focus on a more specific target/audience as you suggested for instance. This one here is a test run after all and it will provide us with great learnings for the next ones :-)

Again I’m very happy to have you on board!! If you have more questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out at any time.

Have a nice day!! 🤩

  ·  last year (edited)

@surfermarly - Thank you so much for the super detailed response!! I never even thought about Instagram videos - and so the 60 second time cap is brilliant!

Thanks for the clarification on direction/scope. I really like some of the verbiage you used! Okay I’ll get crackin’ on a new video concept with all of that in mind. 😊

I really appreciate that you gave a good two weeks for creators to make their videos, by the way! It’s nice to have some time to really play around with different ideas and make sure I put my best video forward.

Thanks again my friend! ♥️

@surfermarly, @coruscate, This is awesome but I'm not sure I can make a full 60 seconds worth of something great.

However, I was thinking about a "Hand-off" free style collage type video. i.e. I show my best 5 or 10 seconds ending in a scene that can be used as the opening for the next person. We all get to show our best, we get to "target" a little bit of everything and hopefully keep the attention of the viewer because they don't know what to expect next.

Using this style "everyone CAN be our customer", and more of us steemians can participate. Like I said I'm sure I can do 5 to 10 seconds of great but 60 second, not so sure.

We may even get enough good submissions to do many 60 second adds. Thus keeping the momentum going. Submission could be saved up until we get 60 seconds worth of "Great"! Also this "project" wouldn't need to have an end date, just a "submit your entry by x date to get in the next ad". This would take the pressure off and allow me to "Wow that was really good, I'll submit that to the AD campaign." instead of "crap, I've only got another x days to come up with something worthy".

I totally agree with the "keep it to 60 seconds" reasoning and time limit.

I'm not in this for the rewards or fame. I'm not trying to redirect this project. I'm here because I believe steem could be something Great.

I'm just giving my $0.02 to someone(s) who has the reach and ability to make something like this happen.

Sure, everybody is invited to contribute in the way that can. Have a look at the post from elgeko who provided the video creators with an intro they can include in their ads. That’s the type of teamwork we should embrace and support here ;)

Also I’m pretty sure this is not gonna be the last campaign.

Steem on & happy weekend 🤙

Thanks, I will go check it out and I will start saving up footage that I think would make great AD content for future use.

I like your content.
Keep it up.

You’re more than welcome, Lea! I’m happy the feedback was valuable and helpful to you ;)

Good luck with your entry and happy weekend 🤩

Hi! I find your questions to be very thoughtful and absolutely justified as a content creator.

(This is exactly what I mean in my previous post. To create a video, one should think of their audience and how to express it for them.)

The same thing is valid for placing ads or even for creating content, not everything appeals or is for everybody!

I will be looking forward to reading the reply from @surfermarly :)

(And to watch your video hehe)

My submission is finally up! Thanks again for the great marketing initiative @surfermarly. <3



Totally!!! 😅

It’ll be great to see the finished results from all the people supporting your great initiative.

Such a wonderful, friendly person this lady. Good luck with the whole Steemit thing.
I took the safer option and got a day job.

Are day jobs really that safe...? :-)

And thanks for the flowers, Geek!

Thats amazing! im so stoked about this project

Here's Our Sixty Second Steem Commercial

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 9.28.35 PM.png


cant wait to see the videos that come out from this! 👍👍

Me neither!!! 😉

I will soon record my video and upload it, I am excited and anxious!

I hope I can do a video for this. I love positive people among Steemians. Keep it up.

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That’s a huge prize pool! Great incentive 👍🏻

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Here is my First Entry. I posted in the original post from you and reposting it here. Thanks for this great contest. Good Luck to everyone.
@surfermarly & @heimindanger 60 seconds of #steem Contest - "60 Seconds of Steem" A Poem Written and Read by @jeronimorubio - #sixtyseconds

This post has been included in the latest edition of SoS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Tell me please, we already created our entry for @dcooperation community, how the upvotes willbe distributed from the supporting apps if the contest still on for 10 days ?, I mean after 7 days it will be impossible to upvote. And we don't create content on the accout that often. We are also willing to use all the earning to power up, even if we win steem.

Great question @clixmoney! I wanted to explain that when the voting starts, but here’s a quick outlook on the idea: the winners will be asked to publish a celebration post, once they’ve been elected. It’s gonna be sort of a making-of where they present themselves (their team in case it was the work of many), their own Steem story and how they developed the idea for the ad - a shiny, steemy, high quality piece of content worth being celebrated.

Then all big accounts that have promised to support the winning creators can upvote those posts.

Oh, that's nice. So, we are ready for that in case we win. Thanks for the opportunity. ☺

Thank YOU for being part of it ;-)

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heeey @surfermarly wanted to let you know that we just made our submission. super excited about this project, been travelling like crazy lately and unfortunately the internet is a bit lacking here in the Philippines, but we managed to upload the vid this morning. looking forward to your feedback. cheers. Let's get STEEM out there. hehe super-duper-cool idea

wow $73 without bid bots? at this price? wo2

Yeah that’s really not too bad @ackza ;)

Good one, this is a great project, thanks for the info 😀 👍

Awesome! I'll include them in the summary which is going to be published on the 8th of February. Then the voting will start... be reaaaadyyyy :-))


  ·  last year (edited)

I am no expert but I am going to participate in this. I am resteeming this for safe keeping. ..haha! @surfermarly

The video have to be in English? Or we from Brazil can make a video talking in our native language and participate too?

We could for example send the video with subtitle.

Waiting for your response.

Posted using Steeve, an AI-powered Steem interface

Hi @allinbet! There are no rules. Just bear in mind that about 70% of the Steem community (who will approve your video) are English speaking. So you’d want to make sure they understand you in there :)

Subtitles may help, yup.

Mucha suerte con el vídeo! No olviden de usar el tag #sixtyseconds ;)

Ok, thanks for the help.

And u wrote in Spanish, here we speak Portuguese-BR, similar to Portuguese-PORTUGAL.

Posted using Steeve, an AI-powered Steem interface

Oh dang, i just mixed up languages - haha! Sorry for that :-)

Well then: Boa sorte! ;)

I'm super stoked at how many initiatives there are to get Steem out there
DTube.Forum, Twitter Hustle and now this.
I hope I managed to capture what's needed to be heard and seen... or at least I hope you like it :)


All over this!!!

My Entry. Im no video producer but I came up with this

Hey @surfermarly, what time is the deadline on 7th Feb? Thanks :)

Hi @redrica! It’s 9:00 EST.


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Here is my entry @surfermarly, submitted just in time :) https://steemit.com/dtube/@ashtv/cp4xgizt

Thanks for organizing this @surfermarly! Here's my submission :)

Hi Marly! Is contest closed as of this moment?

It ended yesterday at 9:00am EST.