STEEL Ecosystem is based on the Blockchain platform of SISHUB

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Wanting to find a blockchain-based ecosystem for data sharing, messaging and secure payment transactions, STEEL Ecosystem is the right choice.
STEEL Ecosystem includes:
Anonymous STEEL Messenger
Anonymous STEEL Messenger will use PGP encryption system and take your privacy and security to a level unapproachable by any other existing messenger.
Decentralized STEEL Network for Secure Data Exchange
The STEEL Ecosystem is based on a decentralized hybrid Tor network through which you can share various files without fear of hacking and data intercepting.
Decentralized Complex STEEL Antivirus Solution
Our blockchain-based antivirus software will both detect viruses and invasions of private data as well as search and correct flaws of the security system.
STEEL Cryptocurrency Wallet
Our built-in STEEL Cryptocurrency Wallet enables you to exchange and transfer various currencies to other users of the STEEL Ecosystem
SISHUB Blockchain Network
The STEEL cryptocurrency will be based on its own blockchain to avoid Ethereum network’s vulnerabilities and ensure a highly secured environment
With this 5-function security network, you can peace of mind, anywhere in the world.
->With STEEL select Ethereum smart contract (ERC20) to store the token.
-> Total Emission: 35,000,000,000 STEEL
-> Main stages of ICO:
-> Start: 20.11.2018
-> Finish: 20.01.2019
-> Soft Cap: 5 000 ETH ; Hard Cap: 50 000 ETH
-> Min \ Max Personal Cap: 0.1 ETH \ No

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