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Dancing for me is when my body moves on its own, effortlessly, in perfect synch to the music.

Sometimes I can't control it, I just get drawn to a song and feel the need to dance to it.

Today, I'd like to share a freestyle clip to shawn mendes' "mercy".

When I first heard the song, the beginning was what really caught my attention - he is performing it with such passion in his voice!
Then of course the chorus gets much more loud and dramatic.
I love when singers display their true talent like this, focusing on the voice and the melody.

Watch the Freestyle here:

Song: Shawn Mendes - Mercy

The song is about being desperate - because he is so dependant on one person who seems to reject him.

You have to remember these feelings and express it with your movements.


You've got a hold on me
Don't even know your power
I stand a hundred feet
But I fall when I'm around ya
Show me an open door
And you go and slam it on me
I can't take anymore

I'm saying...
Baby, please have mercy on me
Take it easy on my heart
Even though you don't mean to hurt me
You keep tearing me apart
Would you please have mercy, mercy on my heart?
Would you please have mercy, mercy on my heart?

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A Personal Thank you.

Thank you very much for the personal note @lexikon082 I appreciate it!
Glad to hear your positive feedback.
Steem On!

great post loving it !!!!
upvoted and resteemed

Thank you for the support! Appreciate it!

You are welcome Sir ,i am your big fan ,sending lots of love from the zimbawean community on Steemit

Awesome thank you


Beautiful song. Your musicality and feeling in your dancing is legit perfect.

👌 thank you

Love it !
You always inspire me to keep going and to get out of my comfort zone !

Yes 💪 🙌 always improving

@sirwinchester nice one there. Will dancing make me loose weight? Cos I really want to start partying and dancing a lot too.

It will definitely make you lose weight if you repeat the steps often and with full power! And it's fun too!

I have no rhythm, I took some dance classes it seemed to help. But I still think it can be genetic.

Hahaha, you can definitely be born with a little or a lot of talent, but you can always train hard and improve!

Just put it some techno music and you are golden. Nice post.

Hahaha 😬 music is a personal preference! thank you!

Lol that is the truth haha

WOW . I like that you are so in the song. Looks like you live every note of it :) . Keep on @sirwinchester . You made me curious so i want to see more. +follow you

Thank you! Much appreciated! 🙌

Very smoooth :p Awesome moves :) :)

Thank you, glad you liked the video!

very good. ,Follow me

This is awesome! I love it. I never seen this side of your talent.

😬 thank you! Yes I like to keep my steemit content quite mixed and share different things

@sirwinchester great post man keep up the post loving it

Thank you! Glad to hear that

I didn't know you can dance like this, you really make a greate video and professional.

Thank you! Appreciate it 🙌

Sometimes I can't control it, I just get drawn to a song and feel the need to dance to it. I love this ... Had the same feeling..

I just instantly have to dance then!

Perfect dance. - And without accidentally pushing the orange juice from the table nearby (as I would have done). :-)

😁 yes you have to be very aware of your surroundings if you're freestyling in a limited space!

Happy HF19 for you Lord :)

Wow! Awesome foot work man, I'm truly impressed and touched by that rendition. Kudos to your camera person as well, that required some talent keeping up with all those movements. The way you have your video posted here, I beleive they count towards your video views on YT. If you go and check analytics for this video, you should see playback locations, click embedded in external website and apps, then you'll see Steemit as the origin. Hope this information helped you out.

Really lovely movement, and nice camera work to go with it actually. I particularly liked the way you finished, it seemed, wrong, yet right; I can't explain, I'm not feeling too articulate at the mo!


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That’s Good @sirwinchester

Hey man. How is it possible to practise dancing when your socks slide on the floor))
That need some legit skills not to hurt yourself. Plz be careful))
Like dancing on the ice with a skateboard shoes

Hahaha, yes you definitely need a lot of balance! With shoes you have much more grip and control.
But the song started and I just had to start dancing!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

What can i say.. the soul of true artist is a pure fire!

Killing it man! Keep doing what do you it's freshh

I like it, I like it a lot! :)