Official Steemit Film - Behind The Scenes!

The official Steemit promo film just had its premiere at Steemfest!

Here it is if you haven't seen it yet:

Now, I want to share some Behind-The-Scenes Footage of the shoot with you - we definitely had a lot of fun creating the video!

In early October, @mrs.steemit @soldier and @agent and me drove to Berlin to shoot the Steemit Film with @aaronkoenig .
After a nice dinner and a night at the Hotel, we arrived at the set the following morning.

The film set was very edgy and unique - lots of cool backgrounds and possibilities to film.
It was the former terrain of a german railway, but now the area has been turned into an art gallery, with a spacious garden and many different props.

We first started off with the individual scenes -

@mrs.steemit on her laptop and juggling with cryptocoins,
@agent in the art gallery and on the tablet,
@soldier with her selfie video and the SteemPower-Scene,
and me with the Steem-Logo magically appearing.

Then, after some shots of us all together we were done with all the acting scenes, and had a lunch break!
While we were enjoying some vegan pasta from a small Café acrosss the street, @soldier was actually shooting the "food"-scene as well.

After our lunch break, we only had the dancing scenes left to shoot!

When @aaronkoenig initially asked us to participate in the video, he also asked if we could dance in it!
So I created a short choreography for us to perform during the film:

All in all, it was a very fun day and a great shoot -

I'm sure the video will help promote Steemit and make our community grow!

Images by: Anastasya Stolyarov and me

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- Steemit FB Group - 

© Sirwinchester


Great video again! Let's get it trending on youtube! :)

I love the examples of upvotes value, this way people won't get disappointed if they don't get a lot of visibility at the start. Although with our awesome projects lately like curie and robinhood they are bound to get decent payouts sooner than later. ;)

Re-steeming this as well! :)

Thank you, glad to hear that you enjoy the video!

We got to take a sneak peak last week in Argentina and were so excited to see it premiered. We also knew that the proper venue was here at Steemfest and I have to say that Uma did a fabulous job. We look forward to meeting you and the rest of the team someday.

Thank you for your kind feedback, I appreciate it!
And this is only the beginning, I'm sure I'll meet lots of other steemians in person as well

well this is the coolest thing ive seen today! nice job sirwinchester!

happy to hear that, thank you!
But obviously I can'T take all the credit for the video, it was a team effort!

Our dreamteam on action! Congratulations to you all!

hahaha, thank you for the compliment and your kind feedback!

How cool!!!! Good work man!!!! This is a great promo video!

thank you for the great feedback!

Wow! Love it! under the logo at the end would be fine...

you're right, that would be a good addition!
Thanks for your feedback!

thank you, glad to hear that you like it!

I thought you guys exert to much effort doing this video but I was wrong, instead you have enjoying making it and you love what you do. I am so grateful because there are good soul like you guys helping the perfect platform to be notice. I support it and look forward for more! Thank you guys!

this will be awesome for promoting steemit - and great dancing too!!

thank you for the compliment!

great initiative and the video is awesome - this can be used in so many ways and will make steemit more attractive

yes I believe so too!

Bravo! Excellent video my friend @ sirwinchester, beautiful images, thanks for another extraordinary post

thank you for your kind words!

Great job Steem Teem

thanks, appreciate it!

that video turned out awesome, good job everyone :D

looks awesome, I'm sure this will make steemit more attractive for people who dont know anything about it!

it'll be easier to explain the concept of steemit to them if they have a visual representation!

awesome video and great moves! I'm sure everyone will love it!

thanks for the positive feedback!

Fantastic work!

Resteemed, tweeted, sharing with friends.

thank you :) appreciate it!

"irgendwie fängt irgendwann irgendwo die zukunft an"

gute arbeit.
steem on "digga" !

we'll done
steem on my friend

Love the brake-dancing.

That is a really good advert:)

That was fun to watch, love it well done :)

Glad to hear you like it!

nice one, this will make it much easier to inform people about steemit - and looks like a very fun shoot as well!

we definitely had a great day shooting it!

Really cool video! Love it! Resteemed :)

Great, thank you :)

Nice video! Good to see great support!

Thank you, glad to hear that you like it!

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Awesome. Very cool. I didnt know you were a dancer. Must have missed those posts. lol

next one mention science, tech and politics. ^^

Gonna post this to my fb page it should drag some friends on the fence over.

Thanks, glad to hear you enjoy it!
And yes of course there are a lot more diverse topic on Steemit than what's being said in the video, those are just examples

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this is wonderful. Love creativity and all the fun that comes with it. Looking forward to connect and become part of future endeavors :)

I'm looking for videos to use in a Steemit Promotional video.
Does that video belong to you? If so, would you allow use of 1-second of it in our project?
Click here for project details.

please message @aaronkoenig about this topic, he was the producer!

Oh very cool! I'm already using another video of his that I talked to him about. I'll talk with him about this one as well so I can have one to use with you in it. :)

Great production on this one and the dance moves compliment it quite well!

thanks for the feedback!

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