New crypto tip: Sirius, a smart chain being given away free!

in sirius •  last year

Quick note here about a new coin distribution happening over on bitcointalk: It's a "smart chain" (blockchain system with scripting, a la Ethereum or EOS). It's a fork of QTUM and the devs have stated there will never be any kind of token sale or ICO.

The dev team hasn't yet disclosed how the project will differ from QTUM, but supposedly it will have some distinguishing characteristics.

How to get SIRX

Right now, until January 31st 2018, anyone with a Github account or a Senior-member Bitcointalk account is eligible to get a free pile of SIRX tokens. Your GitHub account needs to have some activity on it prior to November 30th, 2017.

You get 5000 SIRX tokens for having a GitHub account, so anyone active on GitHub should get some. Who knows if this will become anything long-term, but it never hurts to have another finger in the pie.


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all those on github gitsome... i need to learn how to program (-:

Thanks for the heads up-speaks well of QTUM, too, that somebody wants to use their tech!

Great post on cryptocurrency thanks for sharing.