The Singapore Theory Effect - How to Incite Paranormal Activity trapped in the Ether

How to tap into the Etheric Realm by using the Singapore Theory to spike Paranormal Activity

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One of the best ways to incite any paranormal activity is to use the "Singapore Effect", an effect I documented in this linked case study back when I was a lead paranormal investigator for RTS Paranormal. Since I wrote that case study back in April of 2012, I have learned quite a bit more and I wish to elaborate on why the Singapore effect is so useful. I am now an independent paranormal investigator, running my own one man show, and have conducted many case studies since. So what is the Singapore Effect and how is it connected to the Ether? As I cannot find the definition anywhere online I shall write my own definition of it.

The Singapore Theory

Definition: The process of recreating an environment as a catalyst to increase the intelligent paranormal activity that is being investigated at a location by stimulating the Etheric Realm via sound and visual vibration.

Techniques: Visual, Audio, Electromagnetic Manipulation and Smell.

  • Audio techniques include playing era themed music, using familiar speech or altering languages, specific chanting, basically recreating the audio of a specific era or a specific culture that would be familiar or to that location.
  • Visual techniques include renovation, creating familiar scenes, laying out of objects, lighting of an old fire, adding antique furniture.
  • Electromagnetic Techniques: Increase the electromagnetic field, this naturally occurs during a thunderstorm, or can be artificially created by use of a device to amplify the electromagnetic field in a desired area. Using a rotating magnetic field you can generate a large increase in the electromagnetic field in a small localized area, like a room.

Singapore Theory Effects:

  • Intelligent Paranormal Activity is generally spiked when the correct techniques are applied, matching the era recreated or the correct tonal frequency is extremely important. Also in almost all cases amplifying the electromagnetic field either artificially or naturally increases the level of both intelligent and residual paranormal activity.
  • Residual Paranormal Activity is generally lessened when applying the Singapore Theory except the once technique of increasing the EMF field. If you recreate the original environment, by turning on old house back to it's original settings the residual activity can decrease to a point it is almost not measurable. One of the reasons residual activity increases is when a home is updated, the residual energy is interrupted by a new layout or furniture or tonal frequencies. So by returning the enviromental setting to as it was during the era of the residual parnormal activity in question; the residual energy can go on in the etheric realm without being interrupted by a new wall for example, thus it goes on unseen in the physical realm. Residual activity is only increased by the Singapore Theory when you create a new environment, or you amplify the EMF field.

The Electric Universe, the Etheric Realm and the Singapore Theory

These are interrelated topics of research that combine to give us a better understanding of the paranormal field of study. There exists massive amounts of evidence to suggest the correct physics model is the "Electric Universe Model". In this Electric Universe Model there is no empty vacuum of space it is the Ether, a medium that all energy passes through, including the extremely important EMF field, as Nikola Tesla describes:

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The Etheric Realm is where the Ghosts reside.

Every paranormal researcher knows that the Ghosts manipulate the EMF field, hence the reason we all go out armed with K2's and what I use a MEL Meter. These devices monitor fluctuations in the EMF Field. The Ghosts and Demonic entities that are trapped in this Etheric Realm are layered right on top of our reality without us realizing it. The Ether is the empty space in between matter, so it exists right on top of our reality but is unseen. All energy, and frequencies flow through this etheric field, therefore that is what the ghosts and demons trapped in the ether can manipulate and draw energy from. In fact Thomas Edison himself attempted to build an "Etheric Device" to communicate with the dead as pictured below:

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Despite the articles attempts to make you believe Thomas Edison did not believe in an afterlife, he certainly believed in it enough to try and reach spirits by building a "spirit phone" also called an "Etheric Device" in the article. He also stated:

I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, ought to record something. - Thomas Edison

So clearly Thomas Edison believed in the afterlife, and he also knew it was connected to Nikola Tesla's Ether, as the device he built he called an Etheric Device. Also in all forms of popular entertainment, Ghosts manipulate electronics and other frequencies connected to the Ether such as audio and light. In the movie Poltergeist for example, they show the ghosts trapped in a tv set, or in the show Stranger Things the boy trapped in the "Ether" called the "upside down" manipulates the light bulbs. Thus we can conclude that Ghosts and demons are trapped in the Ether, a realm that is layered right on top of our own reality, hence the reason they break through the "Veil" and are seen when the frequencies connected to the ether are manipulated. By employing the Singapore Theory you are breaking down that barrier of the veil and letting the entities trapped in the ether come through. By generating massive amounts of energy for the EMF field you are giving these entities in the etheric realm; energy they can draw from and use to break through and manipulate matter. As all energy flows through the Ether. That is why the Singapore Theory is so effective.

For more information on this subject of the "Ether" please see the documentaries on my YouTube Channel "Titus Frost", starting with this documentary below:

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Interesting. Never heard of the Singapore Effect.

Your welcome, thanks for commenting, unless you are an investigator like me in the paranormal field you probably wouldn't have heard of it.

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As a singaporean, i have never heard of this......

I am not sure where the name actually comes from, however it is a commonly used term for paranormal investigators I know here in America, oddly enough. If you aren't a paranormal investigator; the Singapore Theory Effect is probably not in your regularly used vocabulary.

Following. Exactly the information I was looking for.

I very much dig the Tesla quote.
I knew ether was a sentiment that ancient philosophers counted as a fundamental, but I have not heard that Tesla quote yet. Truly powerful for someone of that caliber to endorse acknowledge the existence of the unseen like that.

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