Isn't it an Amazing little country?

in singapore •  2 years ago 

Not just because it's my country, it's fascinating that such a small place with variety of ethnic groups is getting that much recognition world wide,

i love my country, and my passport


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Please fasten your seat belts & Prepare for takeoff

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I want to go to the F1 race there someday!

Great photo and even better architecture! Agreed👍


Good to see that you have a passion to travel the world..... Nice post...
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done dear

Good photo

Nice view :)

Do you know how your post makes me feel?

I am from Europe and all I see is an entire continent of nations who no longer love their country or their ancestors and are busy giving it away, so that their own children will soon have nowhere to call home.

Remember to your dying day this pride and love you have for your country and people and do not allow the globalists to convince you otherwise. You are a special lady.

PS: I visited Singapore in about 1980 and I always recall 3 things that impressed me.

a) Buildings of 20 floors or more were being raised with scaffolding made of bamboo. I watched it sway and the idea of being high up on it was real scary.
b) I had a haircut and the barber included a massage of my shoulders and scalp. It felt wonderful.
C) I went out of town in a taxi. We were driving on a dirt road and I was eating pistachio nuts. I threw a handful of shells out the window (they were a natural product, so I did not feel I was littering the forest) and the driver politely asked me to throw the shells on the floor of the cab. It embarrassed me that he showed he is more civilised than I am.

what an amazing comment, i appreciate all of this!
thank you