SteemIT in Nigeria 3 Update: Uyo is getting ready

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SteemIT in Nigeria is back, bigger, better and stronger than ever! We just concluded our second edition months ago in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory and it was a resounding success.

This year, we are taking a different approach, we're taking time out to handle the major growth in the blockchain/cryptocurrency sectors. With ever increasing number of dApps, blockchains and blockchain communities, we have our work cut out for us in the aspect of education.

The largest blockchain community in Nigeria is still currently with that number increasing daily, we can focus more on educating more people properly about the blockchain/cryptocurrency space and still focus on steem.

The truth is, with our never ending plans to grow, we will always need the support of this great community to achieve that. We have spent a great deal of time and other resources revamping our mission which will be revealed as we go along.

Most people will ask us why we chose August instead of our usual October/November dates, the answer is simple; we wanted maximum attendance and at the same time, we wanted people to be fully active with our activities lined up.

We have reduced the number of social events lined up this year in favor of a more business approach.
We will still take time out to explain what each programme entails and our roadmap of the year for this event.

This year, we used a voting system, a first step towards revolutionizing the event and Uyo was selected as the venue for the event. Everyone is gearing up and we hope to have everyone on board as well as those we're expecting. This is the year to buidl and build we shall.

This might seem like a stretch, but, I will say this; most events usually don't count the arrival and departure dates as part of the event, but we know the value of every attendee and as such, we know that right from the moment of their arrival (which needs to happen before, to their departure, there is a joint responsibility between the team and the attendees.

We are going grand this year and we invite everyone with ideas, projects and all else to come and join us and make this even bigger than we anticipated.

More news will be revealed in the coming days as we have a ton of great news to unveil.

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@ehiboss, It's a great step because definitely people should get the proper Education towards the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Space because in my opinion these spaces will going to bring the unlimited opportunities but at first the clouds of Speculation should be removed and it's possible through proper channel of Education. Stay blessed.

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Speculation cannot be removed, as long as assets are traded, there will be a fair amount of speculation.

What we need is more businesses to drive up the intrinsic value of bitcoin and crypto


Yes your point is absolutely right, but at the same time more education brings more clarity and clarity will inspire towards the Adoption, and more adoption will going to defeat the speculation Economy to most extent. But as you said speculation is unremovable aspect. Have a great time ahead.

Uyo's turn is gonna be epic.
Let's hope that steem price will Kakaboom by then


Boom or not, we will have to make this happen. But a boom sounds good