Quick announcement and design finalization!

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The flyers are ready for the event! Printing finishes tomorrow...
Note: The venue for the final conference has been changed from Transcorp Hilton due to several reasons.

  • The market is not favorable for extreme spending and we cannot task sponsors without consideration.
  • The new location is more accessible and more secure due to its location and the event center is owned by the Nigerian police force.
  • It is less expensive as we planned for a hundred people for the main conference and transcorp needed over a million naira from us. If we exceed 100 people with Transcorp, that means we will double which will put a damaging strain on the event.
  • The distance from Transcorp to their residential hotels was not favorable for some and this was a logical compromise.

However, those who wish to lodge at Transcorp are covered as we will provide transport for them to attend all the events.

Posters for 31st of October


Posters for 1st of November


Posters for 2nd of November


Posters for 3rd of November


Posters for the Roll up banners


Red carpet banner design

SIN2 Redcarpet.jpg

Remember that it's only 08 days away...
To contribute to this great project, send your donations to the @leadent360 account on steemit.
Special shoutout to @donkeypong, @ausbitbank, @demotruk, @surfyogi among others (who we cannot list as this list will be endless) for their amazing contribution towards the success of this event.

VOTE @ausbitbank, @good-karma and @demotruk for witness, @ehiboss says so!


Wow this is definitely not easy , big thanks to the organizers @ehiboss and his team , your all amazing for the efforts being made to ensure this event Sin2 becomes a reality.

Super Super Amazing feats being achieved here. I'm also counting down. I hope I make it finally, Regards!

Beautiful designs... 🔥🔥🔥

The designs are superb.
SIN2 isssaaa goal!! Na there we dai

Great work.....
its a success already

Omo! No be small work una don do for here o! Well done guys!

I can't wait to be there. May God have his way.

Wow. This is beautiful. Great work by the committee! 👍👍👍👍👍

Lemme just say 😍😍😍😍

Wooah, this is sooooo lovely.. Cant wait... 8 days💃💃💃💃💃💃

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