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Romans. 6:33

For the wages of sin is death...

1 John. 3:8

He who sins is of the devil...

Ezekiel. 18:20

The soul that sins shall die..

This is just three biblical scriptures out of so many that I can pick from that tells of the ills and horrors of sinning, yet everyone wants to SIN, @ehiboss will just be championing the cause of sin, @pangoli that even looks innocent with his big grammar every time has been enticed, even this young man that his middle name should be airdrops called @iamchijamz has been bewitched.

As for me, my bible tells me not to sin, but as I looked deeper, I found out that this "SIN", we have to "SIN" it oo, because all those who go to SIN especially this second edition will be blessed.

Now you are wondering if this young man is ok..

What is the definition of SIN?

If it was a church definition, i'd say..

It is the convention of SINful like-minds in Nigeria.

What is the acronym SIN?

Steemit in Nigeria

What should be expected there?

  • Blockchain exposé
  • Meet up with other steemians
  • Movie night
  • City tour
  • karoake
  • Suya night

When and where is it going to happen?

  • October 30th - 4th November 2018
  • At Abuja, Nigeria

There'd also be extras which we'd be looking forward to as deemed necessary by the organizers.

This is a meet up to discuss how to better the STEEM community in Nigeria and also learn about the many sided aspects of blockchain which will also better our own lives.

SIN 2 promises to be very interesting, impactful , exciting, educational and fun filled, and anyone who "SINs" will actually be better and not die

You should be there
I will be there

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