SIN3 is coming, wait for it...

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Nothing gave me so much joy than the accomplishment of SIN2. We not only changed lives and made history, we became the first to actually reward people to learn about the blockchain because we know that time is money and people should be rewarded for their time.

People came from afar to learn about the blockchain technology and left with meaningful impressions about what the blockchain technology is really about. From talks about understanding value, basic trading tips and dissecting talks about the blockchain, SIN2 never had a dull moment.
Nobody who came could say they didn't take home valuable lessons from the event.
We even had an international delegate (@surfyogi) who attended the event and was glad he did. We might not be where we want right now, but we are getting there.

We've impacted upon and impressed on so many people who attended the programme and the common chant is "when is SIN3?" Of course, SIN3 will require tons of planning and careful strategizing as we will rotate the event to another part of Nigeria naturally.
The idea is to empower all of Nigeria and Nigerians. For the upcoming SIN3, we have implemented some features which will even further better the blockchain adoption and understanding.

What state will host the next edition of SIN we cannot say and our road map will soon be available.
Despite the red market, everyone worked hard to make it happen. We do not seek a green market to change lives, we just need people to make it happen.

I cannot forget to express my thanks to @donkeypong, @ausbitbank, @surfyogi, @demotruk, @lukestokes and so many others who helped contribute to make this a success.

Steemit In Nigeria 3 is coming soon...


It was a super event!
SIN3 will be bomb!!!

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Awwwnnn, thank you

I missed this event, but I read so much about it from friends I rely on. It was amazing, they said.

Hopefully, SIN3 will find me available.
Keep it up, bro. You're supported.

Hopefully, you will be available.

It was a beautiful event. Well planned and it met more than our expectations.
SIN3 I must be there

We can't wait to have you over for SIN3

Am so happy I came, meeting you guys was an achievement to greater heights on its own. The knowledge impacted made 2018 a memorable year for me.

Am glad I came.

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I'm glad you came and you enjoyed every bit.

Yes, I can gladly say I am one of the empowered Nigerian, who got to know that the crypto and blockchain technology is indeed needed in Africa, especially Nigeria.

I've read a lot from different people who attended and I'm greatly impressed. God's willing, I'll attend S.I.N 3. Weldone Boss

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