Virtual flight to the Aleutian Islands Leg 2 (Flight simulation-video by @schamangerbert)

in simulation •  24 days ago

Kamchatka to Aleutian Islands Part 2


The second leg of the big travel takes us to Attu Island ( The stream started with 10 minutes of chess and right in time the flight started at 20 GMT time. Tomorrow an 20 GMT the next leg is planned. Do not miss it!

Live stream (90 minutes )


See you next time! / Bis nächstes Mal!

Thank you for your attention! / Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit!

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        Schaman Gerbert        IMG_6013kkk-th112.JPG

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Haha. Nice that you got on your other post post 34 views more.
Next try. Resteemed :-)

Great work @schamangerbert

Hope you’ll fly to the Far East one day!!

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